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Bendy and the Dark Revival Release Date: The Bendy and the Dark Revival Trailer Introduces Its Characters!

The release date for the long-awaited sequel to the horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine, Bendy and the Dark Revival, has been confirmed. BatIM is one of the most successful independent horror games of recent years, alongside titles like Poppy Playground, whose co-op sequel was just announced.

With the publication of a new trailer on Joey Drew Studios’ YouTube page, fans of Bendy and the Ink Machine have been provided with intriguing information surrounding the game’s release.

Release Date of Bendy and the Dark Revival

As it turns out, the wait for the new game is nearly over; Bendy and the Dark Revival will be released for PC via Steam on November 15, 2022. The Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game are listed as “Coming Soon,” implying that console fans may have to wait a while longer.

This delay does not appear to have impacted reactions, as the trailer has received 1.5 million views in only a few hours. Similar to the Poppy Playtime teaser teasers, the video has generated substantial buzz among devoted fans.

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The Bendy And The Dark Revival Trailer Introduces Its Characters

The protagonist of Bendy and the Dark Revival will be distinct from that of its predecessor.

In the latest teaser, Audrey, who appears to be a cartoonist like Henry, is seen racing and fighting through the depths of Joey Drew Studios.

In addition, a horrific transition seen in the video depicts her becoming one of the ink creatures who walk the animation studio’s hallways.

Other characters featured include a gun-wielding Alice Angel, The Butcher Gang, and even Bendy, who appears in a form far away from BatIM’s fearsome Ink Demon adversary. Nevertheless, it appears that the forthcoming horror game will give many players nightmares.

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Obviously, this announcement has been a long time coming. The original Bendy and the Ink Machine was released episodically during 2017 and 2018, with a number of port releases occurring later that same year.

It is a formula that was quickly successful, generating anticipation with each new chapter, and that has since been imitated by titles such as Poppy Playtime. Important to BatIM’s success was its use of the style of rubber hose animation to give its characters a distinct appearance.

Cuphead is possibly the only other recent game to successfully employ this technique. This new video has been in development for years, much to Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC, which was released five years after the main game.

Bendy and the Dark Revival appears to have a strong probability of success based on the figures generated by this trailer. But for many veteran indie horror game gamers, this may not come as a surprise. The genre’s present appeal cannot be denied, both for playing and for observing others’ reactions.

Due to its penchant for jumpscares, the horror genre is unquestionably fantastic content for Let’s Players and streamers. This fact has even led to the incorporation of convenience features in certain games. FNAF: Security Breach allowed fans, for instance, to punish streamers on the soon-to-be-defunct Google Stadia.

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Clearly, many BatIM supporters will be ecstatic to hear this news. Fans will undoubtedly be ecstatic to not only receive news of a release after such a long wait but also to learn that the release is only two weeks away.

Moreover, the trailer’s lore tidbits will undoubtedly spark a great deal of discussion, which will undoubtedly heighten anticipation until the film’s debut.

According to the new teaser, Bendy and the Dark Revival will be a deliciously horrifying experience. Similar to Playtime Co. of Poppy Playtime, Joey Drew Studios is obviously hiding a number of terrible secrets.