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Between Us Episode 4 Confirmed Release Date, Time, and Stream Guide!

The date for Between Us episode 4 has been set, and we will unveil everything we know about the season. Before we get into the release date and streaming details for Between Us episode 4, here’s a recap of the most recent episode. “Team” meets his trainee water polo friends A, Sea, and Bee at the ground after they meet him to confirm their swim club registration.

When Dean and Pruek interrupt the conversation, “Win” is calming his friend Wan at the counter. Juniors arrive at the location and begin filling up club registration. Prek is curious whether Win has ever liked someone at first sight. Dean, Win, and Pruek escape and proceed to the registration counter.

Win steals glances at Team, and Pruek rushes up to the swim team desk. This swimming club’s recruits will be required to take a selection test. “Team” is projected to do particularly well on the test because he is a swimming ace student.

Between Us Season 1 Episode 4 Overview

Name of the Season Between Us
Episode Number Episode 4
Genre Romance
Between Us Initial Release Date November 6, 2022
Between Us Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date November 27, 2022
Number of Seasons Season 1

Between Us Episode 4 Release Date

Between Us Episode 4 Confirmed Release Date

The release date for Between Us, episode 4 is set for Sunday, November 27, 2022. Episode 4 of Between Us will begin streaming on Youtube in the United States at 11:45 p.m. Episode 4 of Between Us will be available to viewers in other countries at the following times on November 28: 4:00, 10:15 am IST, 0:45 am BST, and 1:45 pm AEDT.

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Between Us Episode 4: How to Watch

Episodes of Between Us will become available to watch online on YouTube at the times and dates listed above. Fans will need to compare the time that is mentioned here with the time in their respective nations in order to ensure that they do not miss the new episodes when they are broadcast in those nations.

Between Us Episode 4 Trailer

Between Us Recap

Win hears this and tells the Team that the selection test would be rigorous for all new trainees, scholarship or not. After the juniors leave, the “Team” eats with Pharm and Manow. He’s worried that Win’s threat will prevent him from joining Team. His friends promise him no problems.

Between Us Episode 4 Confirmed Release Date

They aid him during tryouts. Later that day, Win discovers Team lives in the flat’s elevator. “Win” contacts Wan and laments View’s cell phone gaming. The team is astonished to see him consoling Pharm, who is grieving over his memories. Tul encounters the three seniors in the resort. Several junior team drills need Team help. The juniors swim with “A,” “Sea,” “Bee,” and the Sea Force Team after practice.

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The team cuts his sole. Win notices and joins the “Team,” requesting A, Sea, and Bee to find first aid. Win can’t examine his wounds because of the gang. Win jokes that he’ll have less leverage in training because the cut wasn’t as deep. The win is angry that the Team says he can run around the resort quickly.

He leaves to treat his wound alone. Later that night, the seniors discuss Dean’s feeling adrift. Dean says Win doesn’t care about anything. Dean tells Win he can’t live like everything is temporary. Dean recommends “Win” to join the juniors. The team wins a Dinner of Beef and Sea.

The sea claims to have the latest pornographic film leak and brings the others into a room. Four pals watch an Obscene video when the Team feels uneasy. After noticing Bee’s erection, the Team asks for the bedroom key. When mocked, he runs outside. Team Warut. Win approaches a confused Team.

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Win accepts Team, who leaves. Win requests Team’s help if he can’t tackle his problem alone. The win takes the group to the seniors’ room. The team lets them kiss.