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Blockbuster Season 2: Release Date, Cast, What is the Plot of Blockbuster Season 2?

If in this day and age of streaming services, you find yourself longing for the days of video stores, then (ironically), Netflix has the perfect show for you.

After they have finished binge-watching the first season of Blockbuster, viewers will undoubtedly be interested in learning everything there is to know about the upcoming second season of the show. Blockbuster will be the latest workplace comedy to win everyone over with its sense of humor.

Release Date for the Second Season of Blockbuster

Blockbuster does not yet have an official release date for Season 2 because the network is currently waiting to hear whether or not the show will be renewed.

In April of 2022, production for the show’s debut season got underway in the studio. The series regular Melissa Fumero posted an Instagram story on May 2 in which she indicated that the season had “almost” ended filming.

This indicates that the production of the first season of Blockbuster was completed in a reasonable amount of time. If Blockbuster were to get picked up for a second season, it would almost surely release on Netflix in 2023. This is assuming that the show chooses to stick to the production timeline from season 1, which it did for season 1.

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The Cast of the Second Season of Blockbuster

If the show is picked up for a second season, it is highly likely that Park and Fumero will be among the cast members to participate.

Regarding the remainder of the cast, it is possible that Tyler Alvarez, who plays Carlos Herrera,

Madeleine Arthur, who plays Hannah Hadman,

Olga Merediz, who plays Connie Serrano,

J. B. Smoove, who plays Percy Scott, and

Kamaia Fairburn, who plays Kayla Scott, will all return for additional shifts at Blockbuster.

And who knows, maybe the site will do so well that Park’s character will be able to hire some new employees and bring new faces to the Netflix series. Who knows?

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What is The Plot of Blockbuster Season 2?

The television series Blockbuster isn’t only about a video rental firm that went out of business; it’s also about the people who worked there and the community that the store served.

In an interview with UPI, the showrunner Vanessa Ramos revealed that she modeled the characters after individuals she knows in order to feel closer to them as they were dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

“It was in part an attempt on my part to connect with the folks whose company I sorely miss. She explained, “I’m hoping that more than anything else, it would satisfy the itch of desiring connection.” Randall Park, who plays the major role in the series, explained to UPI that “the significance of human connection” served as the inspiration for the drama.”

In the event that Blockbuster is renewed for a second season, fans might anticipate that the show’s creators would emphasize these topics. During the process of writing Season 1, Ramos claimed that she and the other authors would make jokes about the current reliance that people have on screens and automation “I have no idea how to get in touch with anyone,” she added. “

can be found in every sphere of modern life.” Because of the emphasis placed on people’s decreased connectivity, it is only logical for a hypothetical second season to continue to highlight how the advent of the digital era has altered the ways in which we communicate with one another.

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If there is a second season, fans should also anticipate some romantic subplots. Park and Melissa Fumero have both confirmed to UPI that they are aware of the “will-they-won’t-they” predicament surrounding their characters.

“When we first get into contact with them, they already have a rhythm. They already have banter with one other, “Fumero stated. In point of fact, the actors discussed their characters’ relationship in further detail in an interview with Paste Magazine.

When Fumero read the script for the first time, she said that she saw the romance right away and asked, “What’s going to happen with Timmy and Eliza?!!” According to Park, who has stated, “As the kids say, I ship Timmy and Eliza,” he appears to be a fan of the flirtation that is taking place.