Dahmer Season 2: What Are the Similarities Between Gacy and Dahmer?

Dahmer Season 2

Numerous viewers have been drawn in by the unsettling portrayal of the life of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the well-liked Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Dahmer killed 17 boys and men over the course of 13 years.

The series makes an effort to humanize the victims and show how egregiously the police failed to safeguard these young guys. Despite this viewpoint, the show has generated some controversy and criticism for allegedly placing yet another focus on the serial killer.

However, the program has received accolades for Evan Peter’s acting and for accurately portraying how terrible and awful Dahmer’s acts were. At the conclusion of the series, we are introduced to John Wayne Gacy, the infamous “Murderer Clown,” another American serial killer who operated just before Jeffrey Dahmer.

There is considerable overlap in the timelines of these two, as shown in the television program, with Dahmer getting baptized on the same day that Gacy was put to death (and during a solar eclipse). It’s interesting to note that Dahmer killed his first person in 1978, the same year that Gacy was apprehended.

Even though the two never interacted, it’s nevertheless interesting to consider their ties in order to determine what they had in common and why Gacy appears in Monster. This also makes us ponder the possibility of the second season of Monster featuring the Gacy case.

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What Are the Similarities Between Gacy and Dahmer?

Gacy first appears in Monster episode 10 as a passenger in a van with a young man. He invites the young man into his home, where they discuss a job opportunity in Gacy’s construction company.

Gacy makes them both drinks, placing some narcotics into the young man’s drink. Gacy bonds the boy’s hands after they converse for a while until the pills take effect. He tries to flee, but Gacy overwhelms him.

Gacy drowns the young man in his bathtub while dressed as a clown. This gives us a glimpse into the life of John Wayne Gacy and allows us to draw connections between Gacy and Dahmer.

Dahmer Season 2

To begin with, both serial killers chose young men as their victims. They utilized medications to keep them docile or asleep so that they could overpower them and torture or experiment on them.

Both serial killers were sexually motivated in their murders, as they both assaulted their victims and were arrested for sexual assault during their lives. And, despite the fact that the show depicts Gacy drowning his victim, he and Dahmer prefer to kill by strangulation.

While Gacy is shown in his clown outfit, there is no evidence that he actually committed his crimes while disguised as a clown. It’s more likely that the show portrayed him this way to establish his identity.

Gacy gained the moniker “Killer Clown” because he would dress up as Pogo the Clown (or Patches) to entertain children at parades and hospitals. While Gacy’s clown costume was distinctive, he and Dahmer looked to be ordinary folks going about their daily lives.

Gacy had a construction company, was active in local politics, and loved performing for youngsters. Dahmer was polite, served in the military, had a career, and, despite being a loner, did not appear to be a cannibalistic serial killer.

Of course, their timelines intersecting has previously led to comparisons, which is presumably why it was included in Monster. Dahmer, on the other hand, thinks that there was one significant distinction between them: he confessed to all of his atrocities, whilst Gacy did not.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Monster?

We believe there is more to Gacy’s appearance on the show than meets the eye. As stated, it appears to be an introduction, not simply to the coincidental intersection of their timelines and how that impacts Dahmer’s story.

Nonetheless, it may also be a reference to a second season of Monster with John Wayne Gacy. His story is just as terrible as that of Jeffrey Dahmer, with nearly twice as many victims.

Gacy murdered 33 young men and boys; he buried nearly all of them beneath his home or on his land. When he ran out of space to bury the bodies, he began to dump them in a river.

In a condition of intoxication, Gacy confessed to a lawyer that he had committed the murders. Towards the end of his killing spree, Gacy got increasingly reckless.

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Recently, it was reported that the show has been renewed for two additional seasons. Since Gacy has been introduced, it makes the most sense for him to be the focus of the second season, with Ted Bundy perhaps appearing in the third.

With this news, we hope to see that the series takes the criticism and controversy it garnered during its first season into account. And will continue to place greater emphasis on humanizing the victims and conveying their tales, as opposed to only detailing Gacy’s.

When generating content on serial killers, it is difficult to avoid glorifying them and accurately depicting the horror of their murders.

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