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Damian Lewis, Leave, Billions, Who Will Replace Him?

The critically acclaimed financial drama thriller Billions depicts the narrative of an ambitious but morally corrupt “hedge fund manager” called Bobby Axelrod (portrayed by Damian Lewis) and his conflict with attorney “Chuck Rhoades” (played by actor Paul Giamatti).

The programme focuses mostly on Bobby’s efforts to enhance his riches and expand his financial empire, while attorney Rhoades, who is aware that Bobby is a white-collar criminal, employs every available method to bring his empire down.

The premiere of the show was met with favourable reviews and critical praise. Only because of the dynamic team of Bobby & Rhoades was the programme able to achieve such prominence. After the conclusion of the fifth season, however, Damian Lewis (Bobby Axelrod) eventually confirmed his departure from the programme.

This came as a shock to all the viewers of this great programme, particularly those who adored the character Bobby Axelrod and the way he coped with all the obstacles in his life with ruthlessness and savvy business strategies.

The character’s nasty and crafty personality, along with his charisma and desire to advance in life, made everyone fall in love with him. Damian Lewis has decided to depart the long-running, critically acclaimed series Bobby Axelrod.

But is this truly Bobby Axelrod’s final chapter? Or, will he eventually return? Why did Damian Lewis quit Billions? Today, we will be answering all of these fan questions.

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Why Did Damian Lewis Resign from Billions?

Damian Lewis has opted to depart the programme after portraying the lead character Bobby Axelrod for almost five seasons and over sixty episodes. According to sources, Damian and the cast and crew of the programme came to an arrangement and he opted to depart.

According to Damian, he has grown tired of Bobby Axelrod and believes the programme has run its course after five seasons; he must now move beyond his Billions character.

Damian Lewis, Leave, Billions, Who Will Replace Him?

Damian lost his wife Helen to breast cancer in the same year. Damian made it plain in his interview that the premature loss of his wife is not the reason he is leaving the programme.

But after leaving the programme, he would enjoy spending time with his loved ones. After a five-season-long story, Bobby Axelrod eventually experienced the worst disaster of his life; after losing his whole fortune, he fled to Switzerland.

Who Will Play Bobby Axelrod’s Replacement?

In season 6, Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) will replace Bobby Axelrod and become the new antagonist of Billions. If you admired Booby for his ruthlessness and villainy, you would like Prince, perhaps even more. He is a strong, cunning, and unscrupulous businessman who seized control of Axe Capital and forced Bobby to flee for his safety.

This dramatic change of events is essential since Damian Lewis has decided to leave Billions. Even if the primary character of the programme has changed, the show will remain true to its fundamental topic, which is the struggle between corruption, greed, capitalism and law and order.

Damian Lewis, Leave, Billions, Who Will Replace Him?

According to the original creators of the programme, “Brian Koppelman” and “David Levien,” the show might undergo significant changes since a new character would provide a new dimension to the show’s narrative, and a change may be just what this show needs.

However, Booby’s departure will not end Rhoades’ pursuit of justice, as we all know he will pursue Prince. It would be pretty intriguing for fans to observe how Prince responds to the obstacles presented by Rhoades and his crew.

Will Damian Lewis return to his role in Billions?

The return of the shady businessman Bobby Axelrod is one of the most often asked questions among Billions’ fans. Well, his character isn’t dead yet, and Damian Lewis has made it plain that he does not dismiss the possibility that he will never return; he mentioned in an interview that he may return to the programme in the future, but for now, Axelrod is out of the picture, and Prince will be the show’s real villain.

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