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Where was the Deliverance survival thriller movie filmed? The cast goes to a dangerous location without stuntmen

Deliverance is a classic and shocking survival thriller from 1972 directed by John Boorman. Here are some of the most important places where the film was shot.

Here is where the classic survival movie Deliverance, which came out in 1972, was filmed. Even though Burt Reynolds had been acting for more than ten years before the movie, it was his role in Deliverance that made him famous.

It also put him on the path to becoming one of the most popular movie stars of the 1970s, thanks to movies like Smokey and the Bandit and The Longest Yard. It also helped that John Boorman’s tight direction and the great cast of the movie Deliverance were praised when it came out.

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The movie Deliverance was based on the book To the White Sea by James Dickey. In that book, four friends decide to go on a canoe trip in Georgia to get closer to each other. When two mountain men kidnap Ed (Jon Voight) and Bobby (Ned Beatty), things take a terrible turn.

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After a shocking sexual assault that includes the now-famous line “Squeal like a pig,” Burt Reynolds’s character, Lewis, kills one of the attackers, and the other three decide to keep the murder a secret from the police. Then, they have to stay alive in the harsh environment while the other mountain man follows them.

A famous banjo scene from the movie Deliverance is when Ronny Cox’s character, Drew, and a local boy play “Dueling Banjos” (Billy Redden). The story takes place in Georgia, so it makes sense that the movie was shot there, in Rabun County. The river in the story is made up and called the Cahulawassee River.

Most of the canoe scenes were filmed on the Chattooga River in Georgia. Later scenes were shot at the Tallulah Gorge, which is near Tugaloo Lake. There, Jon Voight climbs up a cliff to attack a sniper. In the movie, Voight did this climb all by himself, without a stunt double, just like Tom Cruise did years later.

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The town in Deliverance is not in Georgia but in North Carolina

The rundown town in Deliverance was filmed in Sylva, North Carolina. The Mount Carmel Baptist Church was also used for filming. Shortly after filming, this area was flooded by Lake Jocassee.

The town in Deliverance is not in Georgia but in North Carolina

The dam seen being built is the Jocassee Dam, which makes the lake. Even though the ending where Ed has a nightmare about a hand slowly rising out of the river has become famous, another ending was shot.

In the Deliverance movie’s alternate ending, Ed, Bobby, and Lewis were called by the sheriff (played by author Dickey) after their wild adventure to look at a body that had been found in the river.

This was another dream. When the sheriff pulls back the sheet, three men can see who it is, but Ed wakes up before the movie shows who it is. Deliverance seems like a bad tourist movie because of what happens to the main characters, but it did make more people want to canoe down the same part of the Chattooga River that was in the movie. People who weren’t ready for its power died because of this, and in 1974, the river was named a Wild and Scenic River.

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The cast of Deliverance had to go to dangerous places without stuntmen

Deliverance was not only shot on location, but the actors also did their own stunts. This was because the movie had a small budget and the script called for intense scenes in nature.

The cast of Deliverance had to go to dangerous places without stuntmen

The studio tried to kill Deliverance by cutting its budget, which meant there was no money for stunt doubles or safety gear. But since it was the 1970s, the cast and crew decided to give it a try anyway. In some ways, this choice was good, but it led to a lot of accidents on set, and it’s a good thing that no one was killed.

Burt Reynolds did go to the emergency room after going over a waterfall. He did this because he thought it would be more real than using a double.

There is a lot of disagreement about whether or not the Deliverance stunt was worth it. Reynolds himself has said that after all his physical work, he “looked like a dummy falling over a waterfall” (via CinemaBlend).

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