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Died Suddenly: Where Can You Watch and Stream Movies Online?

Making an hour-long documentary about a hoax involving the COVID-19 vaccine and streaming it in one of the most unlikely places is a big undertaking. But that’s the backstory to Died Suddenly.

Simply put, the new movie is anti-vax propaganda that makes spurious assertions and uses false information to attempt to connect actual tragedies with the COVID-19 vaccine. The movie has become a Twitter sensation, drawing praise and derision from the general population.

The documentary has already caused a rift on the internet, with some users buying into the propaganda and others criticizing it for its inaccuracies. The movie is currently streaming in what might be the last place you’d expect, so you can decide for yourself if you want to. Here are the details on how to watch Died Suddenly and what the plot is.

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Here’s Where You Can Watch the Anti-vax Propaganda Film Died Suddenly

Died Suddenly is promoted as an exposé on the right-wing news site Rumble, promising to “tell the truth about the greatest continuing mass genocide in human history.” Its film information section also includes various superfood advertisements as well as links to anti-vax advocacy websites.

Simply put, Died Suddenly intends to delve deep into the society surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination. The film claims to offer important information about the sinister nature of vaccination initiatives in the United States. The film, as the title suggests, tries to analyze the sudden deaths of persons who were purportedly vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to make a link between the two events.

Died Suddenly: Where Can You Watch and Stream Movies Online?

However, there is little to no scientific evidence to back up that allegation in the video. According to Forbes, the film just juxtaposes these incidents on the editing floor without ever explaining the connection between them. In truth, many of the patients seen “dying” after taking the vaccination did not appear to die. Fortunately, you won’t need to use any of your paid streaming subscriptions to see the video.

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While the trailer states that the film will be available “exclusively on the Stew Peters Network,” Died Suddenly is presently available in its entirety on the film’s official Twitter. Because being able to view it on a pinned tweet screams “real documentary.”

Stew Peters Created Died Suddenly

Stew Peters, a well-known American conspiracy theorist, directed the film. He is well-known as a bounty hunter-turned-radio host for his opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine and has had his show, The Stew Peters Show, removed from audio streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Peters has also directed other fear-mongering conspiracy theory documentaries such as These Little Ones and Watch the Water, in which he claims that the vaccine is made from snake venom.

Whatever the legitimacy of Died For the past two days, the film has been trending on Twitter, with both supporters and detractors expressing their opinions. Many blame the massive layoffs at the social media site, with thousands of employees resigning in the aftermath of Elon Musk’s ownership.

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Is Died Suddenly Streaming on Netflix?

No, he died. Suddenly is not currently accessible to view on Netflix, and there is no indication that the documentary will be made available on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Video, iTunes, Apple TV, and so on. As of now, the documentary is exclusively available on Twitter.