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Does Uta Die in One Piece Film: Red? Here is What Occurs to Her

Anime fans have been anticipating the arrival of One Piece Film: Red ever since it was announced, and their anticipation continues to grow now that it has officially reached Western theatres. Fans of One Piece Film: Red, however, were faced with a fairly heartbreaking and somewhat confusing conclusion, leaving many to question if Uta dies in the film.

The conclusion of One Piece Film: Red strongly hints that Uta dies, due to her consumption of Wake Mushrooms and refusal of the antidote, as well as the stress she underwent while being consumed by the Demon Tot Musica. However, her body was never revealed and her demise was never officially confirmed, leading some fans to assume she may have survived.

Uta’s fate appeared bleak from the outset of the film, as she continued to fall down a progressively darker path that would ultimately plunge her into insanity – topped off by a range of decisions that would only hasten her destruction. Join us as we debate exactly what happened to Uta, why many feel she died in One Piece Film: Red, and if this new One Piece fan favorite has a possibility of returning in the future.

Does Uta Die in One Piece Film: Red?

One Piece Film: Red generated a frenzy of excitement among eager fans by shedding light on the mysterious past of Shanks and even offering them a glimpse of Luffy’s Gear 5 form. However, Uta was the film’s primary focus for the great majority of its running time.

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Uta, the star of the show and ostensibly the entire planet in One Piece Film: Red, began as a classic heroine with an ethereal voice who was capable of far more than the major One Piece protagonists at the time would realize. Uta devised her own strategy for remaking the world, with the goal of establishing a reality in which everyone is free, safe, and content.

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She does not, however, accept the necessity of others’ consent, nor does she regard her own physical and mental well-being. Things go awry when she arranges a concert in Elegia in which all the attendees are transported to her fantasy world; she then expects everyone to approve of her plan.

This includes the Straw Hat Pirates and other One Piece characters like law, Blueno, Bartolomeo, and Koby, who opposed Uta’s schemes immediately. After numerous “combat” phases, Uta appears to realize her mistakes and sacrifices herself to undo the damage she had caused. Nonetheless, other things lead her to this position.

How Would Uta Die in One Piece Film: Red?

Uta was exposed to the cruelty and injustice of the world at a young age and promised that she would do everything in her power to realize her ambition, despite the fact that it would come at a high price.

By the film’s climax, the bulk of the world’s population was under Uta’s influence. Uta became the antagonist and began attempting to rule everyone in the One Piece universe by utilizing her tremendous singing voice.

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It was made plain that other major actors in One Piece, including several Marines in One Piece and even Big Mom, want Uta for their collections.

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Uta died as a result of the decisions she made; her mental and emotional state was at the center of all the elements that ultimately led to her end. Her strategy finally led her down the road to destruction, which is described in the order below.

1- Uta consumes Deadly Wake fungi

One of the “laws” of Uta‘s Devil Fruit, the Sing Sing Fruit, is that it transports the awareness, but not the physical bodies, of Uta’s victims. Their physical bodies stay in the real world and can be transformed into weaponizable entities if necessary.

Uta begins consuming Wake Mushrooms sequentially in an effort to remain awake and maintain everyone in her dream world. Without treatment, however, these mushrooms are lethal and would inevitably result in her death.

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2- Luffy and Shanks Conquer the Demon Tot Musica

The heroes discovered that if Uta performs the song “Tot Musica,” reality will converge in a way that would allow them to escape. Uta summons the Demon Tot Musica, presenting Luffy and the others with an entirely new obstacle to overcome.

Fans believed Shanks was evil and abandoned Uta as a youngster, but it turns out he was merely protecting her. She had reportedly accidentally ruined Elegia as a youngster by summoning the Demon Tot Musica.

Shanks, however, accepted the responsibility and gave Uta to Elegia’s King Gordan so she could have a successful career as a singer. He kept this decision a secret from everyone, including Luffy, as evidenced by the image provided by Crunchyroll Collection below.

Following Uta’s absorption by the Demon Tot Musica, our lovable heroes become desperate to rescue her. Luffy (in Uta’s World) and Shanks (in the real world) converse through Usopp and his father’s mental link, allowing them to synchronize and perform double attacks that defeat the Demon King.

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3- Uta Sings from the Heart to Save Everyone

After the Demon is vanquished, Uta is still alive but terribly frail due to consuming so many Wake Mushrooms. Uta sees how much damage she has caused, and she eventually abandons her “New Genesis” scheme, regaining the affection of her friends and family.

Shanks then offers Uta an antidote in the real world, and Uta can choose to remain alive. However, Uta refuses the treatment, claiming she cannot sleep because the only way to release everyone at this stage is for them to perform another song.

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Those who were trapped in Uta’s World begin to awaken in the real world as Uta begins to sing her heart out. Uta becomes unconscious in Shanks’ arms just as the Navy chooses to abandon Uta’s capture, despite the fact that things appeared to be going well. The scene then shifts to Luffy waking up and watching Shanks sail away, while fans catch a glimpse of a crew with a very gloomy appearance.

Will Uta make a Complete Return?

Fans can conclude that Uta made her final decision and sacrificed herself for those she desired to protect, despite the fact that she was not formally pronounced dead. In addition, fans saw Shanks standing atop a building like a coffin with a flag on it, with the team gathered around it.

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Luffy also droops his straw hat with a solemn face, which may be interpreted as a memorial to Uta. The final scene, courtesy of Wendell Magulud, has Luffy attempting to communicate with Sunny, after which he is confronted with a vision of Uta wearing a straw hat that leaves much room for interpretation.

The credits also depict One Piece characters enjoying Uta’s music in the future, following the events of One Piece Film: Red. Many followers believe this could be a method to keep Uta’s spirit alive, as her music was a significant part of her identity. Still, Uta is Shanks’ daughter, and she is immensely powerful; however, this is Oda, so wild One Piece speculations are certainly possible.

A few fans feel that this may indicate Uta’s survival, hinting at the potential that something miraculous occurred aboard the ship. Shanks may have administered the antidote after Uta fainted, so she may be in a coma-like state with a slim possibility of recovery with adequate treatment (though the movie’s “canon” continuity status in relation to the manga and anime is still uncertain).

It is terrible to watch Uta fall in this manner, especially because she was swiftly becoming a fan favorite among anime fans worldwide. However, there was something darkly lyrical about her demise in One Piece Film: Red and the notion that she is still alive is enough to make One Piece fans smile.

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