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Elfen Lied Season 2: What Will Be the Plot?

Elfen Lied is one of the edgiest and most violent anime series ever produced, but it has left a lasting legacy and has even inspired recent hit shows. Lucy, a newly mutated species called Diclonius, escapes the facility built for experimentation in the series.

Lucy was hurt while wreaking havoc outside. As a result, she adopted a childish persona. Elfen Lied is based on Lynn Okamoto‘s Japanese manga series of the same name. The series came to an end on a cliffhanger. However, more than a decade and a half have passed and we still haven’t heard anything about season 2. So, what are the chances of Elfen Lied Season 2?

Elfen Lied is an anime series created by Arms Corporation that was based on Lynn Okamoto’s seinen manga series and debuted while the manga was still in print. The anime follows the source material through the first seven volumes, with several story changes, and concludes with an original ending. However, fans have been clamoring for Elfen Lied Season 2 ever since.

Director Mamoru Kanbe expressed his disappointment in having to ‘condense’ the story into 13 episodes in an interview, saying that more was needed to include significant plot details that would have made the series more emotional.

Season 2 of Elfen Lied Has Been Canceled

Even after eighteen years, Arms Corporation has yet to renew the anime series for season two. Because the anime hasn’t been officially canceled, we’ve been left hanging for quite some time.

Elfen Lied Season 2

The anime was superbly produced by Arms Corporation. It’s a shame they didn’t create a follow-up season right away.

Why is Season 2 of Elfen Lied Still Unconfirmed?

One of the possible reasons for the anime’s cancellation is that the studio behind it filed for bankruptcy on July 22, 2020. The studio closed on August 4, 2020, the following month. Arms Corporation was initially known as Dandelion. The name was later changed to Triple X. However, they are no longer in business as a result of the bankruptcy.

Elfen Lied’s only chance of returning is if it is picked up by another studio, such as Netflix.

Another possible reason for the anime’s cancellation is a lack of source material. The manga on which the show is based was completed in August 2005. We all know that anime series are frequently created to increase manga sales. With no more manga to sell, anime’s popularity may fade.

Release Date for Elfen Lied Season 2

17 years after the finale, Arms Corporation has yet to issue an official statement regarding Elfen Lied Season 2. The anime has also not been officially canceled, so fans have been left hanging for quite some time.

Elfen Lied Season 2 (2)

One of the possible reasons for the anime’s non-renewal is that the studio declared bankruptcy in 2020. The studio was then shut down in August of 2020. Corporation, formerly known as Dandelion, later changed its name to Triple X. However, due to bankruptcy, they are no longer in business.

Our only hope is that Elfen Lied will be picked up by another studio. Another reason could be a lack of material. Elfen Lied’s manga series concluded serialization in 2005. We are all aware that anime series are frequently created to increase manga sales. With no more manga to sell, interest in an anime series could fade away.

Elfen Lied Season 2 Plot

The anime was first shown when the manga was still in circulation, so don’t expect the plot of the show to be identical to that of the manga. It simply follows the first seven volumes of the manga, with numerous changes, and the ending of the anime is completely elite. The plot begins with the introduction of the main character, Lucy, whose character later inspired the creation of Eleven from ‘More Strange Things.’

Lucy is portrayed as a unique and hereditarily advanced type of human, with a couple of fallen angel horns sprouting from her head and the ability to use supernatural hands with a range of 2 meters. Because of her extraordinary abilities, she becomes a victim of the most ruthless government investigations, which confine her to a confined office. One fine day, she stumbles upon a chance to finally escape, and this is the point at which she brings the entire area dangerously close to releasing devastation of butchery and coldblooded slaughter.

During her escape attempt, an expert rifleman attempts to kill her by going for her head. She survives the shot but is left with a physical problem that causes her to suffer the consequences of a split personality. One of her current characters is a ruthless wanton executioner, and the other is a blameless youngster who only says “Nyu.” While in the condition of her previous character, Lucy’s path crosses with two high school students who are drawn to her guiltlessness and take her in as an outlaw. What can we expect from Elfen Lied Season 2?

Meanwhile, the government recruits the best men to dispose of Lucy and goes on a manhunt to find her. Along with Lucy, the two teens are gradually drawn into the shadiest aspects of the government’s collusion.

Elfen Lied Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no trailer available. If you haven’t already, you can watch the Season 1 trailer here.

Where Can I Watch Movie Online?

Elfen Lied Season 1 English Dub is available on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, VRV, and AnimeLab.


Elfen Lied, is Lucy still alive?

She appears to be alive at the end of the anime and is most likely the person standing behind the door that Kouta goes to answer. The events at the end of the anime strongly suggest that the events of the manga’s later parts are still to come, and even if Kurama isn’t required in some way, Lucy is.

Is there a film about Elfen Lied?

When ADV Films split their assets, Elfen Lied remained with them and was still in print. ADV and Section23 Films released a Blu-ray Disc box set (along with a new DVD set) on September 3, 2013, making it the only Blu-ray release under the ADV brand, and it includes the previously unreleased OVA.