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Enola Holmes 3 Release Date: Who Will Be Reprising Their Roles in Enola Holmes 3?

Enola Holmes 3 has not yet been confirmed for Netflix, but the sequel has already topped the streaming service’s most-watched charts. In Enola Holmes 2, Millie Bobby Brown reprised her role as Sherlock’s younger sister Enola, and Henry Cavill reprised his role as Sherlock Holmes. After their two separate cases were merged into one large mystery, the two reluctantly formed a partnership.

The sequel concluded with some exciting additions to the Enola Holmes universe, and Brown told ScreenRant that a third film is already in the works.

“Absolutely. I would love to be a part of another one. I would love to see her take on more cases, be put under pressure, be placed in crazy situations, and be made to feel vulnerable once more. I adore seeing her back at work.”

And so did we, which is why we hope Netflix confirms a third film soon, especially now that the world includes two classic Sherlock characters. In light of this, here is everything you need to know about a possible Enola Holmes 3 and what fans can anticipate.

When Might the Third Installment of the Enola Holmes Franchise Be Released?

As previously stated, Netflix has not yet confirmed Enola Holmes 3, so there is currently no release date for the sequel. We can make some educated guesses, however, as the first film was released in September 2020, and the sequel in November 2022.

A late-year release seems likely for the third film, but we may have to wait at least until September 2024.

Brown and Cavill are likely to be extremely busy in the near future with Stranger Things season 5 and a potential Superman film, respectively, which could have a negative impact on Enola Holmes 3.

Let’s however hope not. When new information becomes available, we will update this article.

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Who Will Be Reprising Their Roles in Enola Holmes 3?

It wouldn’t be an Enola Holmes film without Millie Bobby Brown as the title character, and since she also produces the series, she’ll be back for sure if a third film is made.

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, Louis Partridge as Tewkesbury, Helena Bonham Carter as Enola and Sherlock’s mother Eudoria, Susie Wokoma as Edith, and Adeel Akhtar as Lestrade is also expected to reprise their roles.

Even though he wasn’t involved in the sequel, there’s a chance we’ll see more of Sam Claflin as Enola and Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, but perhaps we’re just being optimistic.

Don’t continue reading if you haven’t seen Enola Holmes 2 yet, as we must reveal spoilers in order to discuss the sequel’s major cast additions.

First, Sharon Duncan-Brewster has been confirmed to reprise her role as the iconic Sherlock villain Moriarty in the third film. We don’t give Moriarty much of a chance against Sherlock and Enola, despite her abilities.

In the sequel’s opening credits, Himesh Patel was introduced as Dr. John Watson, a familiar ally of Sherlock Holmes.

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Enola Holmes 3 Plot: How Does Enola Holmes 2 Set Up the Third Movie?

As with the first film, Enola Holmes 2 resolves its central mystery and does not leave us with a major cliffhanger to tease the third installment.

In the final moments of the sequel, we see that Moriarty has escaped from prison, so we are certain that she will return in the third installment to wreak havoc. At least Enola and Sherlock will have Dr. John Watson’s assistance for future mysteries.

The sequel took little inspiration from the book series by Nancy Springer that the movies are based on.

While the third book, The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets, introduces Dr. Watson, Moriarty has never appeared in the series, so we anticipate that the third film will once again tell its own story.

Enola Holmes 3: Is There Any Footage Available Yet?

Due to the fact that Enola Holmes 3 has not yet been filmed, not even a detective like Enola would be able to locate footage from it.

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If our prediction of a late 2024 release is accurate, we will have to wait a while, as the first trailer for the sequel was only released two months before the film’s debut.