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Final Fantasy 16 Release Date: Characters, Final Fantasy 16’s Story Will Involve a Fight Against the Blight!

Final Fantasy 16 is nearly completed. We do not yet have specifics on when it will be released and when it will be available on PC, but we do know that it will be available for the PlayStation 5 in the summer of 2023.

Square Enix has produced a rich new teaser that describes the planet you’ll be attempting to save and the terrifying primals you’ll face along the road.

This is the first completely new mainline Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy 15, and it appears to have brand-new characters in an entirely new setting. And by all accounts, it will resemble a cross between Final Fantasy VII Remake and a Kaiju battle film.

When Will Final Fantasy 16 Be Released?

Final Fantasy 16 is currently scheduled for a summer 2023 release on PlayStation 5. According to a translation provided by Twitter user aitaikimochi, the game’s director Naoki Yoshida stated during Tokyo Game Show 2022 that the game is in its last stages of development.

The game’s visual effects have been completed, and the audio is next on the list. Additionally, he stated that the game has been modified for non-action gamers.

Square Enix has not acknowledged a PC version since the game’s announcement video, and the title is presently being advertised as a PS5 exclusive. If a PC version is ever released, there may be a lengthy wait. The PC port of Final Fantasy 15 took two years to launch.

Latest Trailer for Final Fantasy 16 from Sony’s 2022 State of Play

In between snippets of fantasy political turmoil, the first part of our most recent look at Final Fantasy 16 is a beautiful montage of bright, active action that definitely draws inspiration from FF7 Remake’s real-time battles. Our protagonist mutilates a great number of faceless knights. So many.

According to dialogue heard throughout the teaser, the tale will mainly involve Dominants, those who can command the power of the enormous Eikons—giant manifestations of summons from earlier Final Fantasy games.

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Combat amongst Eikons appears to be a component of the gameplay. The second section of the trailer resembles a gigantic monster film, with back-to-back scenes of Eikons attacking one other as damaged figures fly off.

The Party Members of Final Fantasy 16 Will Be AI-driven

Final Fantasy is renowned for its complex party mechanics, yet available battle footage focuses primarily on Clive, the player character, engaging in showy combat against monsters. Producer Yoshida said that players will be able to summon party members into battle, but they will be primarily AI-controlled, allowing us to concentrate on controlling Clive.

According to Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida, the game will not have an open world. Instead, the development team intends to achieve a “real ‘global’ size” by developing a range of locations that feel remote and separate from one another through the use of individual playable zones.

Meet Some of Final Fantasy 16’s Characters

David Clive Rosfield

You can give your fantasy protagonist any name you like. The player character Clive is the eldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria and was supposed to inherit the power of Phoenix as the next Dominant.

Instead, his younger brother becomes the Dominant, and Clive is named the First Shield of Rosaria as a consolation award. As the shield, he can control a little portion of Phoenix’s flame and is responsible for his brother’s safety. Square Enix state, “Clive’s bright career will end tragically at the hands of a mysterious black Eikon, Ifrit, putting him on a perilous path to vengeance.”

Joshua Rossman

Joshua is the archduke of Rosaria’s second son and Clive’s younger sibling. He is the archetype of the sweet and kind young boy; a noble child who respects everyone beneath his social standing with deference.

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Obviously, he looks up to his older sibling as well. According to Square Enix, Joshua frequently laments the fact that he, the fragile and scholarly younger son, was given command of the firebird’s flames and not his bigger and more courageous brother.

Jackie Warrick

Jill was born in the northern regions and placed in Rosaria as a ward at an early age in order to maintain peace between the two nations. She was raised alongside the Rosfield boys, therefore she appears to be their sister.

Ever polite, cordial, and unassuming, Jill has become the boys’ closest confidante, according to Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 16’s Story Will Involve a Fight Against the Blight

New material on Final Fantasy 16’s website provides context for all of the proper nouns in the unveiling video.

According to Square Enix, the realm of Valisthea contains enormous, sparkling mountains known as Mothercrystals. “People have come to these beacons for years to take advantage of their blessing, harnessing the aether to create magics that allow them to live comfortable and prosperous lives.

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Around each Mothercrystal, great powers have grown, and an uneasy peace has long reigned between them. Now, however, the peace is threatened by the growth of the Blight, which threatens to destroy their empires.”

Then there are Eikons and Dominants; Eikons is the world’s most powerful animals, while Dominants are the human vessels capable of calling upon their power. Depending on their nation of origin, Dominants may be regarded as royalty for their power, or they may be subjected to it.