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Gangs of London Season 3: Is It Renewed or Cancelled?

Sky Studios is responsible for the production of some of the most well-liked television shows, including “Gangs of London.” In 2020, when it was first made available, it set the channel ablaze.

The second season, despite having a more savage tone and several jaw-dropping action sequences, generally doubles down on the brutality that was established in the first season, but it does not truly wrap up any of its major plot lines.

If you have completed watching this one, you may be wondering if it is still airing, if it has been canceled or renewed, or if it is still going to be renewed. The following is everything that we know about the upcoming third season of Gangs of London, including the cast, the release date, and more.

Gangs of London Season 3 Potential Release Date

Season three’s dominoes are fully in place; all we need is someone to push them.

At the time of writing, there has been no official confirmation that there will be another season, but how could there not be? We absolutely need answers to a few cliffhangers (listed below).

Corin Hardy, the show’s director, said of his season three hopes:

Gangs of London Season 3

“It’s completely ready for a third season. I believe you always intend to tell your narrative and hope that you are fortunate enough to continue it, but ultimately it is determined by how it is received.”

Season three has a decent chance, assuming that everyone else finds it as engrossing as you who have clicked to learn more about its continuation. When we may anticipate it to appear on our screens is another story.

Gangs of London season two was released two years after the first season. The large-scale production and cinematic quality no doubt contributed significantly to the lengthy wait. While this will undoubtedly remain a problem, season three will not be hampered by the epidemic and so should have an uncomplicated path from production to screen.

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Gangs of London Season 3 Cast: Who’s Returning?

Sean Wallace, played by Joe Cole, has only recently made a reappearance, so we doubt he’ll be leaving anytime soon.

Even from behind bars, his presence inevitably attracts competition, and there is no greater rivalry to end season two than the one between Sean and Elliot.

If they start up where they left off, as we think, p Drsù will most certainly reprise his part as Elliot. Elliot has formed relationships with the Dumanis and taken on a new role on the streets of London (more on that below).

This combination virtually guarantees the return of Lucian Msamati as Ed Dumani and Pippa Bennett-Warner as Shannon.

We should also expect the following to return:

  • Michelle Fairley as Marian Wallace
    Brian Vernel as Billy Wallace
    Orli Shuka and Luan
    Asif Raza Mir as Asif Afridi…
    Narges Rashidi as Lale
    Jahz Armando as Saba
    Fady Elsayed as Faz

Arta Dobroshi’s Floriana (her last-minute double crossing of the Wallaces earned her a bullet in the head) and Koba (Waleed Zuaiter), Afridi’s enforcer, died in the street warfare. Koba walked on too many wrong feet and met his end in the form of a poisoned chip shop burger.

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Alex Dumani, played by Paapa Essiedu, didn’t even make it past episode one. In a tragic turn of events, Alex committed suicide because he believed he would never be able to escape the Investors’ clutches.

Gangs of London Season 3 Plot: What Can We Expect?

Season two’s finale saw major changes for both Sean and Elliot after the death of the latter’s father led to him exacting vengeance on everyone involved.

This resulted in Koba’s death and the brutal maiming of Billy Wallace, who was merely a pawn in his vengeance against Sean. While Sean was imprisoned for Koba’s murder, Elliot rose to the top of the London underworld, becoming the new king with the Dumanis at his side.

Gangs of London Season 3

Season three will undoubtedly delve into this brave new world with Elliot as boss, with the investors now crippled by Sean’s attack before imprisonment. Nobody knows what that new government will look like with an ex-undercover cop at the head. One constant will be that he will not be allowed to rule unopposed.

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Sean may be in jail, but if he can rise from the dead, there’s no way he can’t rise from this. He’ll also have Billy by his side, and it won’t be long before he’s back on top. Billy and Sean’s strained relationship with their mother Marian will add to the stress in their lives.

After her betrayal of Sean resulted in Billy’s capture (and the loss of his arm), neither will be quick to forgive. The season ended with the unexpected revelation that Lale was still alive.

When we saw the Kurdish boss, she had killed and fought her way out of Mr. Afridi’s confinement, only to be returned by her lover Sean. Instead of killing Lale, Afridi spared her life, and the two formed some sort of alliance. Sean had better keep an eye on his back because you know what they say about a woman scorned.

Where Can I Watch Gangs of London?

Sky and NOW both currently provide a streaming version of the series Gangs of London. Keep this post saved since we will be adding the release date to it in a future update.