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Let’s Take a Look at the Gilmore Girls Filming Locations 

If you like Gilmore Girls, you’ve probably wondered where the show was actually filmed. Is Stars Hollow a real town that people can go to? Don’t worry, Thetoughtackle is here to help you figure things out! Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. It has thousands of amazing production spaces that you can rent for productions, parties, meetings, and more in cities all over North America and beyond.

Where was the set of Gilmore Girls? Is Stars Hollow an actual place?

Gilmore Girls focuses on witty 30-year-old Lorelai Gilmore and her teenage daughter, Rory, as they negotiate life’s ups and downs. Stars Hollow, Lorelai and Rory’s hometown, may be one of the cutest fictitious villages ever seen on television. It is comparable to Mayberry in terms of affability and friendliness.

This CW series strikes the ideal mix of comedy, drama, and romance, and will have you laughing out loud one moment and reaching for tissues the next. It is comparable to eating ice cream straight from the container.

Stars Hollow, a picturesque tiny village, is one of the most important reasons for the show’s popularity. You are certainly not alone if you’ve ever considered packing your bags and heading there.

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Are you prepared for a major disappointment? The fictional town of Stars Hollow does not exist in reality. The episode was not filmed in an actual tiny village or even in the East.

Gilmore Girls instead depended primarily on Hollywood magic. While the theme tune includes a sight of South Royalton, Vermont, the location was never used for filming. In truth, the majority of the series was filmed on the Warner Bros. studio lot.

Inside the Gilmore Girls set

Yes, the Main street of Stars Hollow was filmed on the Warner Bros. studio backlot. Dozens of studio extras gave the sense of a lively rural town, while stagehands often dropped artificial leaves and snow to represent the changing seasons.

According to Warner Brothers tour guide Amanda Yslas, actress Lauren Graham was actually smelling mashed potato flakes when Lorelai exclaimed, “I smell snow.”

Where was the set of Gilmore Girls? Is Stars Hollow an actual place?

Have you ever questioned why you saw the rear of Lorelai’s home? Because that is the front of Sookie’s residence. The residences of Lorelai and Sookie share external walls.

While providing a tour of the set, actress Melissa McCarthy says, “When you enter through [Sookie’s] entryway, suddenly, which makes no sense, you are in the midst of Lorelai’s foyer.”

The interiors of Lorelai’s and Sookie’s homes were separated from the external façade. Along with the rest of the indoor Gilmore Girls sets, such as Luke’s Diner, Richard and Emily’s house, and Lorelai’s inn, they recorded inside sequences on sound stages spread across the studio lot.

When location shooting did occur, it was always on the west coast. Remember the episode when Lorelai and Rory take an impromptu road trip to Harvard? These shots were really recorded on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles!

Stars Hollow later became Rosewood, PA

Have you ever wondered what became of the Stars Hollow set after the series ended? It continues to exist in subsequent Warner Brothers works. When production for Gilmore Girls concluded in 2007, the Stars Hollow set was not destroyed. Instead, the set was used in another CW show, Pretty Little Liars.

Stars Hollow later became Rosewood, PA

If you’ve ever thought that the gazebo in the background of Pretty Little Liars seemed familiar, you would be correct. It is the identical one from the town square in Stars Hollow. Rosewood, Pennsylvania, and Stars Hollow, Connecticut, share a number of parallels.

The outside of Lorelai’s house became Spencer’s, Kim’s Antiques became Emily’s house, Luke’s Diner became the Applerose Grill and Stars Hollow High School became Rosewood Town Hall.

For the 2016 Gilmore Girls Year in the Life revival, the set was turned back into Stars Hollow for one last hurrah, despite remnants of PLL remaining in the background. Try rewatching both programs simultaneously to see how many instances of overlap you can identify!

The inspiration behind “Stars Hollow”

Although Stars Hollow may not be a genuine place, it was inspired by the city of Washington, Connecticut. While going to New York with her husband, show creator Amy Sherman Paladino explored the city. Their stay at the Mayflower Inn & Spa was important in the production of the play.

Sherman-Paladino stated, “When I visited there, it was gorgeous, enchanting, and filled with a sense of small-town togetherness.” “There was a need for it in my own life, and I thought, that’s something I’d want to share with the world.”

The Mayflower Inn, situated on 58 acres of beautiful grounds, served as the model for Lorelai’s inn. You can stay there for a weekend trip, dine on wonderful meals, and even rent it for a wedding, just like on the program. You may also tour Washington, Connecticut, and soak in its small-town charm while you’re there. It’s almost as good as the original Stars Hollow!

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We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at the Gilmore Girls filming locations! Even though Stars Hollow is not a real place, you do not need to create a new set for your next film project to capture the enchantment of Gilmore Girls.