How and Where to Watch ‘She Said’ Online?

She Said was released on November 18, barely in time for Oscar consideration. According to a Variety analysis piece, a nomination and perhaps a probable victory during next year’s awards season might demonstrate that Hollywood is accepting its role in failing to hold Weinstein accountable.

Is “She Said” Still Playing in Cinemas?

The picture by Universal Pictures was originally distributed exclusively in theatres, however, it no longer appears to be in theatres. She Said had its global debut on September 26 of this year at the New York Film Festival.

She Said' Review: A Quiet Thriller That Speaks Volumes - The New York Times

The cast took the stage after the screening to address questions about the film and what it needed to bring this narrative to life.

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Ashley Judd, who portrays herself in the film, attended the discussion and spoke about her personal experience dealing with Harvey Weinstein and her choice to speak out in Time magazine’s exposé.

Will “She Said” Be Available on Streaming?

She Said' Review: Carey Mulligan & Zoe Kazan in Weinstein Abuse Drama – The Hollywood Reporter

She Said is scheduled to board Peacock on January 6, 2023. However, if you do not have a Peacock membership, there are more home viewing options.

When will “She Said” be available digitally and on DVD?

The digital distribution of the film will occur on the same day as its streaming release, i.e. January 6. A few days later, on January 10, 2023, Blu-ray and DVD versions of the film will be released.

The release will also contain exclusive bonus materials, such as a “Breaking The Story” video. The video depicts the actual Kantor and Twohey recounting the difficulties they encountered when attempting to publish their findings. You can now pre-order the Blu-ray using the link Here: Click here

She Said Trailer

The first conversation featured in the official trailer provides a look inside Kantor (Kazan) and Twohey’s (Mulligan) complex but effective inquiry.

The journalists were able to identify a pattern in the sexual harassment charges against Weinstein by interviewing victims who feared having their identities attached to the piece and by locating the proper proof to support their claims.

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Even if viewers are aware of the consequences of the article’s 2017 publication, it is fascinating to see the obstacles that almost prevented it from appearing in the New York Times.

In reality, other reporters had already attempted to find this story, but the mogul had prohibited their efforts during the fact-checking phase. She Said will also focus on the characters’ personal life, particularly how the case affected them at home. Overall, it offers an accurate depiction of real-life occurrences, taking into consideration both the behind-the-scenes procedure and the outcome.

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