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How Many Episodes Are Available on BBC Iplayer and Are They in The English?

Many people would immediately think of Clint Eastwood’s Westerns in which a daring bounty hunter pursues a ruthless outlaw, but there is so much more to the Western genre than that.

The English, the newest release from the BBC and Prime Video, aims to illustrate this as it follows the story of an aristocratic Englishwoman who is helped on a risky journey across the Wild West by a Pawnee ex-cavalry scout.

The series, starring Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer, promises to be one of the most intriguing new arrivals of 2022, but how many episodes are there in The English, and will they all be made immediately available on BBC iPlayer for UK viewers?

The English Release Date and Plot Preview

The English premieres on BBC Two on November 10, 2022, in the United Kingdom, and on Prime Video on November 11 in the rest of the world. The story begins in 1890 and follows the aristocratic Lady Cornelia Locke as she strives to cross the Wild West in order to visit the new settlement of Hoxem, Wyoming. Eli Whipp, a former Pawnee cavalry scout, assists her through the dangers of the open land.

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Cornelia and Eli are each confident in their individual destinies, but they are unaware that their fortunes are anchored in a common past.

How Many Episodes Are in the English?

The English will consist of a total of six episodes. Each episode will be approximately fifty minutes long, while the conclusion is rumored to be closer to an hour, providing viewers with plenty of content to explore.

Beginning on November 10, the series will air on BBC Two on Thursdays, with a new episode airing each week until the sixth chapter premieres on December 15.

This indicates the following release schedule for The English in the United Kingdom:

  1. What You Want & What You Need | November 10
  2. Path of the Dead | November 17
  3. Vultures on the Line | November 24
  4. The Wounded Wolf | December 1
  5. The Buffalo Gun | December 8
  6. Cherished | December 15

Are all Episodes Available on Bbc Iplayer?

The English will premiere on BBC Two and iPlayer on November 10, 2022, while international viewers will be able to watch on Prime Video on November 11.

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