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How Old is Eren in AOT Season 4 and Where Can You Watch This Series?

The eighth episode of Attack on Titan season 4 was just recently released, and the fans’ excitement cannot be contained any longer. We are currently more than halfway through the last season. On February 9, the ninth episode of the anime, which will be titled Brave Volunteers, will be made available to watch online.

The battle between Eren and the other Titans will carry on in this episode. The time jump that was depicted in this season was shocking to a lot of the show’s viewers. The new clothes and hairstyles gave each of the characters an appearance of increased age and maturity. Find out how old Eren is in the fourth season of The Walking Dead!

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How Old is Eren in AOT Season 4?

According to the official website for the show, Eren Yeager will be 19 years old when this season airs. Mikasa Ackerman is also 19. The fact that Levi and Mikasa, who are members of the Ackerman family, do not experience the normal effects of aging as do other people is a significant fact that many fans of The Last of Us may already be aware of.

How Old is Eren in AOT Season 4

Because their clan’s blood is unique, many people have noticed that despite the passage of time, they have not changed their appearance too much at all. Furthermore, a story that was published on says that AOT also released its AOT Chapter 146 not too long ago, which confirms that Armin Arlert is likewise 19 years old.

What Age is Eren at the Beginning of the Anime?

If Eren is 19 years old when Season 4 of Attack on Titan begins, how old was he when the anime first aired? Season 1 has its own time jumps, but Eren is ten when the Colossal Titan first kicks down the wall. That’s a young age to be experiencing the kind of trauma he does, but it makes sense given how much the Fall of Shiganshina shapes him.

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From there, Eren and his friends are relocated and encouraged to join the army of Paradis Island. Eren is only 15 years old when he joins the Scouts Regiment, as Distractify points out. So, if the character appears to be getting older in season 4, it could be because he joined the military at such a young age.

How old is Eren now that time has passed?

How Old is Eren in AOT Season 4

Attack on Titan has a time jump that erases about four years from the protagonists’ lives. As of the start of Season 4 and Chapter 102, Eren has reached the age of 22. This is his “present” age, like the other characters, even though he does not share our timeline.

Eren’s view of the world has changed over time

Attack on Titan follows Eren from childhood through young adulthood, so it’s no wonder that his perspective on the world changes over the series. He witnesses way too much tragedy during his adolescence, which has a direct impact on the character’s disposition in season 4.

The more Eren learns about his surroundings, the more disillusioned he becomes. And, while he claims to be fighting for the same values as previously, it’s evident that something has changed. The idea that the rest of the world was watching Marley demolish Paradis Island appears to have been the final nail in the coffin.

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Because of what Eren has witnessed, he appears to be motivated to obtain independence for Paradis Island at any cost. It’s difficult to predict if he’ll make it through the anime without becoming an entirely different person. Some may even argue that the ship has already sailed.

Where to Watch AOT Season 4?

Attack on Titan is available for legal streaming on Funimation. You may watch Attack on Titan in its whole and in a variety of languages (including English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese). With the addition of advertisements, you may watch the entire first season of Attack on Titan for free.