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Is Season 3 of Demon Slayer canceled? (And When Is It Coming Back?)

Recall how we discussed Demon Slayer Season 2 remaining on the air two months ago? You could have assumed that we wouldn’t be revisiting such a text anytime soon, but here we are! We’re once again discussing the likely cancellation of Demon Slayer because to some ridiculous backlash surrounding a potentially “horrible” bath scene and an absurd April Fools joke. To make a long story short, Demon Slayer Season 3 will air as scheduled, most likely in 2023. Let’s examine the issue this time, though.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is not being canceled, as we previously stated, and Season 3 will air as scheduled, most likely in 2023, depending on when ufotable creates the series. The hoax information was really spread in response to criticism of a Mitsuri Kanroji bath scene and an April Fools’ Day Instagram post that mentioned the alleged cancellation. Of course, this is untrue.

The remainder of this article will provide all the information you require regarding Demon Slayer season 3’s upcoming episodes. You’ll learn about all the season’s official news as well as the most popular rumors circulating on the internet and on social media. You may rely on this article to provide you with all the information you require regarding Demon Slayer season 3’s upcoming episodes.

Has Demon Slayer’s Third Season Been Canceled?

I must say that as a fan of Demon Slayer, I was quite surprised to read speculations that the season will be canceled in the middle of its airing. Again. This honestly did not occur to me, at least not this soon.

Although there was always going to be controversy after Kanroji’s bath scene, no one actually demanded that the program be canceled this time, which was a positive thing. Additionally, the majority of these users are social media trolls who have no other way to get attention than by making up stories on Twitter and Instagram. But I truly hoped we wouldn’t need to talk about this again. Oh boy…

Even though I had a panic attack as soon as I read this, I still went online and started researching reputable sources. The phrase “Demon Slayer season 3 canceled” did turn up in some news stories, although they were all either outdated rumors or came from entirely untrustworthy sources. When I checked official sources and websites like ANN afterwards, guess what? No alterations at all.

By this point, I was once more confident that Demon Slayer season 3 would air as planned and that it had not been canceled. While I was less interested in the origin of these rumors than I had been previously, I nonetheless managed to find two unrelated events (again) that explain them; however, more on that in the following section.

So let’s sum up by saying that Demon Slayer Season 3 will air as scheduled, most likely next year. Demon Slayer is such a well-known brand that it cannot be canceled on the spur of the moment due to social media, although we do not yet have any specific information. Whatever the case, we’ll have to wait a while until we can confirm some news on the show’s airing, but don’t fear — Tanjiro and the gang will surely return.

You truly don’t need to worry about the future of the Demon Slayer anime, as we stated two months ago.

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Why Are People of This Opinion?

As we’ve already stated, while looking for the origin of the claims about the cancellation of Demon Slayer season three, we once again discovered two distinct incidents that unquestionably contributed to the Internet circulating these untrue rumors just two months after the previous series. The first one has to do with the criticism of Kanroji’s bathroom scene, which we’ve already covered on Fiction Horizon. Two months ago, this item generated a lot of buzz on social media, but thankfully, it did not take off. What exactly occurred with that, then?

What Is So Controversial About Mitsuri’s Bath Scene in Demon Slayer, and Will It Be Removed?

In the Swordsmith Village Arc scene known as “Mitsuri’s Bath Scene,” Mitsuri can be seen in an open bath without any clothing on but not completely clothed. The incident almost went unnoticed in the manga, but some fans felt it was inappropriate for Demon Slayer because of how mature they felt it was. However, given how thorough Demon Slayer is, the scene is probably not going to be changed in the anime.

How to Watch Demon Slayer the Upcoming Hentai – Demon Slayer Season 3

Considering that Demon Slayer is an anime series, the most of its followers haven’t actually read the manga. Despite the fact that it is natural that a culture that idolizes a man who slapped a comedian would be hypocritical enough to claim that this scene is inappropriate—you can never have too much hypocrisy—it made no sense at all why these individuals were the source of such a commotion online. Fortunately, this one rapidly became peaceful.

In the manga, the original scenario first appeared in 2018, but it wasn’t until February 2022 that some “revolutionaries” thought it would be inappropriate? That is really crazy, come on! The level of hypocrisy in this debate is astonishing, and it makes us think of the stupid calls for the cancellation of Neuzko’s demon form because someone complained that the kimono was too short. Let’s not, however, jump the gun on this one. This time, the issue wasn’t with the material per per.

In this case, an April Fool’s joke that appeared on the Instagram profile of a Demon Slayer fan page on April 1, 2022, you guessed it, surely caused further trouble. The person who created the profile definitely wanted to be hilarious and gain more hits or something similar, and while he may have been successful in the latter, he was unsuccessful in the former. The concerned post is located here:

Is Season 3 of Demon Slayer Canceled? (And When Is It Coming Back?)

Even if you weren’t paying attention to it, these posts on mysterious Instagram identities should always be viewed with some skepticism. The date should have given it up. First of all, the information is unsourced. Second, it hurts how false the entire post appears to be. Thirdly, would a little Instagram account truly have this information but major anime sites, like us, wouldn’t? Additionally, it is fairly clear from the hashtags that the individual intended to be humorous.

The primary issue with this was that some people began to panic after genuinely believing it. Friends started frightening one another, such queries flooded Google, and people truly thought Demon Slayer was coming to an end. Now, while we can see how gullible people could be terrified for their beloved shows, we truly do beg them to check their sources before freaking out. The jerks who post such things will continue to be jerks for the rest of their careers, and all we can say is shame on them.

And that is all we could learn about the origins of this misunderstanding. Nothing else that we are aware of might have contributed to the propagation of these erroneous rumors.

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When Will the New Season Premiere?

The bad news first. The first and second seasons of Demon Slayer were separated by about two and a half years, so we would anticipate that the third season would follow like.

Therefore, even if a release date for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village arc has not yet been confirmed, according to digitalspy, we anticipate the third season to arrive in the fall of 2023.

The first teaser image for the third season was tweeted by the official Demon Slayer account in February 2022, confirming that it was really under development.