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Which Member of the Isekai Quartet Is Strongest? When Will It Be Released Season 3?

One distinguishing feature of modern anime is the prevalence of the isekai genre. When ordinary people from our world are transferred to a fantastical realm, there are a plethora of potentially fascinating stories waiting to be told.

While shows like “Re:Zero,” “KonoSuba,” and “Overlord” all revolve around the fantasy of traveling to another realm, each one brings something special that distinguishes it from the legions of other isekai. These shows, however, have only begun to scrape the surface of their ultimate potential.

As the creators of these anime (along with “The Saga of Tanya the Evil”) found in 2019, you can extract considerably more value from these brands by combining them all into one ensemble cast. For decades, peanut butter and jelly have demonstrated the same principle.

Never underestimate the power of crossovers. Thus was created “Isekai Quartet,” a crossover series starring adorable chibi versions of some of anime’s most popular isekai characters.

Both the first and second seasons of this spinoff series were a smashing success, so much so that the series is being adapted into a feature film entitled “Isekai Quartet: Another World.”

Additionally, Season 3 is already underway. While little information about the third season is available, there is still plenty of ground for plausible supposition. With that in mind, here is what we currently know about Season 3 of “Isekai Quartet.”

Isekai Quartet Season 3

When Will Isekai Quartet Season 3 Be Released?

Unfortunately, the animation studio responsible for “Isekai Quartet,” Studio Puyukai, has not given a release date for Season 3. This, however, is likely to reserve audience excitement for the upcoming “Isekai Quartet” film, which is scheduled for release in 2022. (via Anime News Network).

Season 3 will very certainly be revealed to fans prior to, and potentially after, the film’s premiere. This suggests that Season 3 might debut in late 2022 or early 2023.

Thankfully, the show’s producers confirmed a third season during Season 2’s final episode (via Funimation). Similarly, the series’ previous releases support the aforementioned predicted release timetable, which included an approximately year-long hiatus between Seasons 1 and 2.

Assuming the “Isekai Quartet” film is viewed as a separate season, the series will have one entry per year. Naturally, something might always go wrong and disturb that delicate process. However, until Studio Puyukai states otherwise, this is a safe assumption to assume.

Who Are the Characters in the Third Season of Isekai Quartet?

The first season of “Isekai Quartet” featured the primary casts of four distinct isekai franchises, thus the term “quartet.” These include “KonoSuba” (which stars Kazuma and the three main female characters, Aqua, Darkness, and Megumin), “Overlord” (which stars Ainz Ooal Gown and her companions Albedo and Shalltear), “The Saga of Tanya the Evil” (which stars the eponymous Tanya and her Imperial Army allies), and “Re: Zero” (Subaru, Emilia, Ram, and Rem). Additionally, several other characters from each series make appearances in specific episodes.

Even with that expanded ensemble, the series has plenty of space to expand. Season 2 of “Isekai Quartet” expands the show’s quintet status by introducing characters from the anime “The Rising of the Shield Hero,” featuring protagonist Naofumi and his raccoon-lady partner, Raphtalia. Additionally, some characters from the television series “Cautious Hero” make cameo appearances.

These past additions demonstrate that Season 3 has the potential to incorporate even more prominent isekai characters.

While Studio Puyukai has not announced whether the show’s cast would expand further, many fans would welcome the addition of characters from franchises such as “Jobless Reincarnation” or “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.”

Isekai Quartet Season 3

What is the plot of the third season of Isekai Quartet?

As a lighter spinoff series, “Isekai Quartet” is not required to follow a rigid plotline. The episode opens with each protagonist discovering a mysterious button that, when pressed, transports them to entirely another planet. This time, most of their exploits occur within the confines of a high school. As a result, a large number of episodes center around typical high school anime cliches.

Season 2 finds the mixed potpourri of isekai heroes preparing for their new school’s annual festival, exchanging Valentine’s cards, and snatching wine from their principal’s office. Similar hijinks are likely to occur when all of the crews reunite in Season 3. Whatever the case, the adventures of the “Isekai Quartet” crew will remain as joyful and enjoyable as ever, a far cry from their former worlds’ dark tragedies.

Actor Substitutes Who Completely Ruined The Show

Creating the appropriate chemistry for a television series may be challenging. As they say, casting is everything. Therefore, when a show is successful and viewers find solace in the characters they know and love, altering the format is not always a good idea.

That may be why, when it comes to recasting performers in roles previously established by someone else (or establishing new roles to fill those gaps), it appears as though people prefer to walk away more frequently than not.

Nonetheless, numerous shows have attempted it over the years. Some have recast out of necessity as a result of a star’s departure from the project, while others have recast as a result of invisible, behind-the-scenes conflict between creatives and actors.

Finally, while some shows do succeed in continuing and lasting for seasons, there are other examples of series (particularly established series) that elected for one reason or another to recast a prominent role, and the show never recovered.