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Lego Masters Season 3 Episode 7: Release Date, Cast, Who Was Eliminated in Episode 6 Last Week?

The seventh installment of the third season of LEGO Masters on Fox is almost ready to premiere. The renowned reality TV competition series is now back on track at its usual air hour following a mix-up in the scheduling caused by MLB.

Release Date of Lego Masters Season 3 Episode 7

Due to the baseball game, viewers were unable to watch the previous episode of the show; nevertheless, the sixth episode of the show did air on the evening of November 6, 2022.

Now, a scant three days later, LEGO Masters is getting ready to make its comeback with its newest episode, which is scheduled to show on Fox only on November 9 at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT. If fans are unable to watch the episode when it initially airs, they will be able to watch it the next day on Hulu.

The upcoming episode, which will be called “Camp Click-a-Brick,” will air after the most recent episode of “The Masked Singer,” which will run at 8 pm Eastern Time (ET).

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What Can Viewers Expect From Episode 7 of Lego Masters Season 3?

Now, only seven teams remain in the competition. They are listed below:

  1. Justin and Austin
  2. Emily and Liam
  3. Brendan and Greg
  4. Ethan and Dom
  5. Dave and Emily

Others are:-

  • Nick and Stacey
  • Stephen and Stephen

In the upcoming episode, these teams will travel to a summer camp where they will be required to be creative based on the given theme. In addition, the Golden Brick has returned this week.

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Who Was Eliminated in Episode 6 Last Week?

Sunday’s program required competitors to construct pirate ships. They had eight hours before their ships were required to make sail. Dave & Emily and Brendan & Greg were the two teams that emerged victorious at the conclusion of the show.

Brendan and Greg were ultimately crowned episode 6 champions with their ship, The Stricken Princess of the Coral Seas. Liz and Erin were in last place, followed by Austin and Justin.

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Unfortunately, Liz and Erin’s ship failed to convince the judges, and they were eliminated.