Lingo Season 1 Episode 1 confirmed Release Date, time & stream guide

Lingo Season 1 Episode 1 confirmed Release Date, time & stream guide

Lingo Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date: CBS Lingo is gearing up for the highly anticipated return of the hit game show, which will be hosted and produced by none other than the legendary RuPaul Charles! RuPaul will guide viewers through intense gameplay and fierce competition with his trademark wit and charm.

Lingo has been a huge success, airing in 17 countries, including some of the most important European markets such as Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, and France. If you miss it on TV, you can still enjoy it via the Facebook game, board games, and app versions.

“Lingo is quickly gaining popularity across the country as a new word game craze,” said the CBS Producer. For the entire family, this show perfectly combines excitement, entertainment, and a challenge.

This show is highly anticipated and sure to be a hit on our network, thanks to RuPaul’s captivating personality and wit, as well as the opportunity for viewers to participate in the game from home.”

What is the Format of the Lingo Show?

Lingo, the ultimate game show for word enthusiasts, puts your word skills and quick thinking to the test. Teams will compete against one another to solve puzzle rounds and guess the letters of a word before time runs out. The winning team will receive a sizable cash prize, while the losing team will go home empty-handed.

The real excitement comes in the final round when teams will put their word-solving skills to the test by deciphering clues and guessing simple words. The show is jam-packed with action and competition.

Each word in this game will have five letters, and your team will have five seconds to correctly predict them. The correct letters will be highlighted in bold red on the screens, while the incorrect ones will not appear.

Lingo Season 1 Episode 1 confirmed Release Date, time & stream guide

If a team leads after the final round, it will be eligible to advance to the bonus round. Teams will have 90 seconds to solve a four-letter, five-letter, and six-letter word in this round. If a team is unable to solve a word problem, it can choose to pass and receive a new one.

Solving the four-letter word earns you half of your winnings, solving the five-letter word earns you your entire winnings and solving the six-letter word doubles your winnings. Starting with Series 3, teams can either solve a six-letter word to double their money or a seven-letter word quiz to win a £15,000 jackpot.

If a team chooses the seven-letter word and fails to solve it, they will lose all of their money and only the £15,000 jackpot will count. If a team chooses the six-letter word and fails to solve it, they will still receive the money earned from the five-letter word.

The prize for correctly guessing each word in previous seasons was determined by balls with monetary amounts written on them. The winner of the game will potentially receive a valuable prize.

What is the History of Lingo Tv Show?

Martin Daniels hosted Lingo, a game show created by Thames Television and Action Time for ITV, from May to July 1988. ITV and Objective Media Group revived the show in 2021 with Adil Ray as host.

Three times, the immensely popular five-letter game show has aired on American television. The first edition, hosted by Michael Reagan, was a daily syndication hit from September 28, 1987, to March 25, 1988.

Lingo Season 1 Episode 1 confirmed Release Date, time & stream guide

Chuck Woolery revived the show in 2002, and it ran on GSN for six seasons until 2007. Even more recently, in 2011, Bill Engvall attempted to host the show on GSN, but the production was unfortunately halted after only one season.

The new version of Lingo omits the bingo component and focuses solely on the word-guessing game. ITV aired Celebrity Lingo, hosted by RuPaul, in September 2022. RuPaul is also hosting the U.S. revival of Lingo for CBS, which premieres on January 11, 2023.

Lingo Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time, the highly anticipated premiere of CBS’s brand-new game show Lingo Season 1 Episode 1 will air. The duration of each episode will be one hour, and new episodes will air every Wednesday.

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Where to Watch CBS Lingo Season 1 Episode 1?

The episode will be available for streaming on the network’s website and on Paramount+ the day following its initial broadcast. You can watch the show on your preferred cable provider or wait for its premiere on the network’s website or paramount+.

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