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Link Click Season 2 Release Date: Cast, Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Link Click?

The Chinese animated television series Link Click is created by Studio LAN and Haoliners Animation League. It debuted on bilibili and Funimation on April 30, 2021, and episodes were made available every Friday until July 9, 2021.

There are 12 episodes, one of which is a special episode titled 5.5., in addition to other special chibi episodes. Link Click has become an unexpected success, and fans around the world are clamoring for more episodes, so we’ve decided to let you know if there will be a second season.

Release Date of Link Click season 2

The series was first made by Haoliners Animation, Studio LAN, and BeDream, which were hired by the bilibili platform. Haoling Li was brought on to run the show.

Su Shangqing (Xiaoshi) and Yang Tianxiang (Guang) played the two main roles, and Li Shimeng voiced Ling. A special episode, a 15-minute special, and a four-part miniseries with each episode lasting about 6 minutes were made in addition to the 11 episodes of the ongoing story.

From April 30 to July 9, 2021, bilibili put out the episodes in China. Funimation Entertainment got the rights to release the animated series around the world and put it on their platforms with subtitles in different languages. The release in other countries began on June 4, 2021, and ended on August 20, 2021. The special aired as episode 5.5, and both it and the miniseries were also shown in other countries.

Surprisingly, the series became popular all over the world because of its setting, story, and interesting characters.

At the time, few other details were released, but fans were told that bilibili would soon reveal more information about the series. Recently, it was reported that the series will debut in 2023, and a trailer has been produced, which you can view below. We’ll have to wait for a little for additional information, but we do know that the series will premiere in 2019!

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The Cast of Link Click Season 2

Link Click’s second season will probably have mostly the same cast as the first. There will be some new characters, but the show probably won’t change much from Season 1. We don’t know who will be in the second season, but based on how things work in the Asian animation market, we think that most of the cast from the first season will be back.

Su Shangqing gives voice to Cheng Xiaoshi.
Time is the owner of the photo studio. Has the power to go through a photo and take over the person who took it, as well as to control everything this person says and does.
Lu Guang Voice actor: Yang Tianxiang
A worker at the Time photo studio. Has the ability to figure out what happened in a photo up to 12 hours after it was taken, and he also plans Cheng Xiaoshi’s moves.
Li Shimeng gives Qiao Ling’s voice.
He has known Cheng Xiaoshi since they were kids and is his landlord. He is also a middleman for the Time Photo Studio.
Emma / Wú Lìhuá Voice actor: Zhao Yitong
Overworked secretary of the former CFO of Quede Games and client of the Time photography studio.
Yu Xia Voice actor: Qián Chēn
A client of the Time Photo Studio asks them to find the secret ingredient for her friend Lin Zhen’s noodles after Lin Zhen left her to start over.

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Niè Xyng does the voice of Ling Zhen.
He is Yu Xia’s best friend and makes their noodles. She finally left Yu Xia because she accepted that she no longer liked making the noodles that Yu Xia used to like.
Chen Xiao’s voice is done by Wi Wi.
A client calls Time and asks if they could just give some people from his past a message on the day of the basketball game. Qiao Ling notices that he looks so sad and tired.
Doudou Voice actor: Zǐ Zǐ
The child who was taken away. The photographers at Time are looking for clues to help save the boy.
Xiao Li Voice actor: Tútè Hāméng
The chief of police asks the Time photo studio for help.

Xu Shanshan: Zhào Shung Qiao Ling, Cheng Xiaoshi, and Lu Guang’s school friend who comes to them for help when she can’t remember what Dong Yi said to her when she was drunk.
Dong Yi: Jn Xián does his voice.
A friend of Xu Shanshan likes to hang out with her and finds any reason to stay by her side.
Liu Min Voice actor: Sūn Lùlù
A mysterious man who seems to have something to do with the series of murders in the story. The CEO of Quede Games’ son.

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Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Link Click?

Link Click’s first season premiered in China on the bilibili platform, which is also where the second season will be available.

After that, Funimation and Crunchyroll got the rights to stream it around the world, so we think that the same thing will happen for season two. If there is a second season, it will likely air in China before it gets to one or more streaming services.