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Love In Contract Episode 15: Conclusion, Viewership and Where To Watch?

After a major discovery concerning Park Min Young’s past and her relationship with Go Kyung Pyo, “Love in Contract” episode 15 ended with the viewers in a state of suspense, even though there is only one episode left.

On the other side, the ratings for the weekday romantic comedy show that was airing leading up to its last episode went up.

‘Love in Contract’ Episode 15 Viewership and Where To Watch?

According to Nielsen Korea, the drama starring Park Min Young, Go Kyung Pyo, and Kim Jae Young attracted an average of 3.1 percent viewers across the nation and 3.3 percent viewers in metropolitan regions.

It is a marginal improvement from its prior episode, which had a rate of 2.9 percent across the nation and 3.4 percent in the metropolitan area.

When the first season of the romantic comedy series “Love in Contract” comes to a close, will it be the series’ all-time high point?

In the meantime, “Love in Contract” will end its run on November 10 with the airing of the series last episode, which will bring the total number of episodes to 15.

Those interested in watching Park Min Young’s drama with English subtitles can do so on Viki and Prime Video in addition to tvN, which broadcasts the rom-com K-drama every Wednesday and Thursday.

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The fifteenth episode of “Love in Contract” Recap

Despite the fact that the female episode of “Love in Contract” is not expected to run until November 10, as was previously indicated, episode 15 provided an unexpected revelation concerning Choi Sang Eun’s history and her relationship with Jung Ji Ho.

The first scene of the show consists of Kang Seon Jin threatening the CEO of INA Group by disclosing “Project Jaimie,” which more or less refers to Choi Sang Eun being a member of the family.

Kang Seon Jin desired INA Group shares due to the marriage between the heirs of INA and Kangjin Group, which unified the two companies.

Kang Hae Jin, on the other hand, watched unknown individuals barging into Sang Eun’s residence, which was witnessed by Madam Yoo. They assumed that it was part of Kang Seon Jin’s plan, believing that there would be evidence to support his exposé.

As episode 15 of “Love in Contract” focuses on the relationship between two major corporations, Choi Sang Eun reveals that she knew who her biological mother was. It transpired that Jung Ji Ho’s intuition was correct.

Sang Eun overheard the conversation between the chair of INA Group and Madam Yoo as they discussed “project Jaimie.”

At the time, she discovered that Madam Yoo is her actual mother. She told her nanny, who turned out to be her mother since she did not want her to shoulder the burden.

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Choi Sang Eun revealed what drove her to leave INA Group as the show progressed, generating a significant conflict between the company.

Kang Seon Jin tormented Jaimie by telling her she must marry the eldest son of the Kangjin Group in order for the agreement between the two firms to be honored.

Moreover, he described his greedy intentions once he acquired the corporation. It involves abandoning his parents. All of it was videotaped and played during the company’s meeting, which is quite interesting.

As the 15th episode of “Love in Contract” concluded, Jung Ji Ho waited for Sang Eun throughout their dinner, but she never arrived. Upon searching his drawer, he discovered Sang Eun’s wedding band, indicating that she desired to end their relationship.

The Conclusion of Love in Contract Episode 15

Sang-eun advised Madame Yoo not to surrender since she is aware that she is her mother. She requests Madame Yoo to remain by her side till she feels safe calling Yoo’s mother. Ji-ho, on the other hand, waits for Sang-eun to appear for supper, but she never does.

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Sang-eun has never done so before, which causes Ji-ho concern. Sang-eun has revealed her shameful past to save Ji-ho, and she can separate herself from him if it prevents him from being harmed.