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Is Luther Coming to Netflix in 2023?

The possibility of a Luther movie has been discussed for years, but fans of the popular BBC crime drama will be delighted to learn that a sequel is in the works and will be released in the near future!

Neil Cross will once again pen the script for the follow-up! One of the best BBC dramas is the original series. It made its debut in 2010 and has gained enormous popularity ever since. Idris Elba received four of the series’ 11 Emmy nominations for his portrayal of the grizzled title character, DCI John Luther.

Long before now, we knew that two big-name actors would be joining Luther in the upcoming movie, but very little else was known about it. Netflix recently announced the premiere date and teased us with some first-look images from the upcoming series, with Elba spilling some new details about the story.

Here is everything we currently know about the movie Luther.

What is the Storyline of Luther?

The television series Luther, which concluded in 2019, is continued in the movie Luther. It’s challenging to predict what might happen because it’s supposed to continue the storyline from season five’s events, especially given how closely the plot has been guarded.

Elba hinted that the Luther movie would be bigger than what had been seen so far when filming was finished, saying: “The world of Luther as a television show and film is similar, but the film has [huge] scale. When you can do that, anything is possible, so we’re widening the doorways.

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Luther release date

Elba reiterated his earlier remarks in an interview with Empire(opens in new tab), referring to the movie as “a different life of the Luther experience.” “We really peel the onion back here,” he said of the new movie, “because we had the time and scale to do that.

Additionally, it gives Neil [Cross] a lot more Luther-land to work with in terms of where Luther can go, how he can get there, and what the scenery looks like. “We take it a little bit outside of that, away from the grimy streets of London. And that’s wonderful. It appears that we are now moving into a new phase of the Luther experience, he continued.

Luther and Alice Morgan’s rivalry culminated in a new confrontation. Luther was betrayed by Alice when she shot Catherine Halliday dead after he had located serial killer Jeremy Lake and saved his partner from him.

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The two started exchanging gunfire as a result. Alice repeatedly shot Luther. He pursued her onto a construction site, pleading with her to surrender.

Alice slashed at Luther with a knife and confessed her love for him as he tried to arrest her. With his last remaining strength, Luther pushed her off some scaffolding as she prepared to kill him. He grabbed her hand, but Alice swung the knife again, causing him to drop her to her “death.”

Martin Schenk apprehended Luther after he and the pair were located by a trail of blood, and John Luther’s whereabouts are still unknown.

It’s hard to predict what Luther will do now that he’s in police custody. Alice Morgan has already risen from the dead once; is it possible that she will do so again?

Who Are the Confirmed Luther Cast Members?

It’s good to know that Idris Elba is back in the lead position after his recent appearances in The Suicide Squad and Beast because, obviously, you can’t have more Luther without him.

When Luther was first announced, Netflix said two more actors would be joining Idris Elba. Cynthia Erivo (The Outsider, Bad Times at the El Royale) and Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, director of Venom: Let There Be Carnage) will both appear in the new film in unspecified roles.

Currently, all we know about their characters is that they will each be playing a pair of villains. Serkis and Erivo, according to The Hollywood Reporter(opens in new tab), pose a “double threat” to the detective. The main antagonist of the movie will be played by Serkis and will be played by the detective Erivo.

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When is the Luther Netflix Release Date?

The movie is scheduled to be released by Netflix in March 2023, though a precise release date has not yet been determined.

Will Netflix in the Uk Offer Luther for Streaming?

Luther may or may not be available on Netflix UK given that the movie is a co-production between Netflix and BBC Films.

Luther will probably first be accessible to stream on BBC iPlayer before making its way to Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Luther on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Luther is currently available on Netflix or Hulu Plus. Luther is available for purchase or rental on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. Luther is available to stream on Plut without charge.

How many episodes are there of Luther?

There are 20 episodes of Luther

Is Luther’s show finished?

In a recent update, Idris Elba mentioned that production on the upcoming Luther movie is almost done. The actor will reprise the detective role he played in the TV series over five seasons from 2010 to 2019 in the new movie.