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Margot Robbie Barbie Film: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Plot

The waiting list for the next Margot Robbie Barbie Film in Hollywood has grown longer than the Mattel icon’s résumé. Fans have been wondering what a live-action version of the Malibu princess’ world will look like. Since word came that Margot Robbie would produce and appear in the upcoming Margot Robbie Barbie Film.

Robbie stated why Barbie is a character worth bringing to life. At the premiere of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” in 2019. She told Variety’s Marc Malkin, “I believe it’s a terrific opportunity to put. Some positive out in the world and a chance to be aspirational for younger kids.”

The Margot Robbie Barbie Film is a Warner Bros., Mattel, and Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment co-production, directed by Greta Gerwig and based on a script co-written by the “Little Women” and “Lady Bird” filmmaker with Noah Baumbach. More information about the picture, however, has been limited, with story specifics brilliantly wrapped in plastic. Robbie indicated that taking on Barbie simultaneously “comes with a lot of baggage. And a lot of nostalgic connections” in an August 2021 interview with British Vogue.

Margot Robbie Barbie Film

“But that also brings a lot of intriguing ways to address it,” she told the publication. “When people hear ‘Barbie,’ they usually think, I know what that movie is going to be. But when they hear Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, they think, ‘Oh, well, maybe I don’t…'”

So here’s everything we know about Robbie and Gerwig’s upcoming Margot Robbie Barbie Film:

The cast includes a number of well-known actors.

Ryan Gosling, a two-time Oscar contender, will play Barbie’s long-time boy toy Ken opposite Robbie. Fans can’t help but wonder which of their other plastic playmates. It will arrive now that the legendary coupling is in the mix (what about Skipper? Christie?).

Emmy-winning performers America Ferrera (“Ugly Betty,” “Superstore”) and Kate McKinnon (“Saturday Night Live”) appear in unspecified roles, as does Marvel superhero Simu Liu (“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”).

Hari Nef (“And Just Like That,” “You”) and Alexandra Shipp (“Tick, Tick… Boom!”) have also joined the ensemble in previously unannounced roles, according to Variety. The cast also includes Ariana Greenblatt and Will Ferrell, who is supposed to portray the CEO of a toy manufacturer.

Issa Rae, Michael Cera, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Rhea Perlman, Sharon Rooney, Scott Evans, Ana Cruz Kayne, Ritu Arya, and Jamie Demetriou are the most recent additions to the cast. Emerald Fennell, the director of “Promising Young Woman,” will also feature. Further reuniting with Robbie after producing the Oscar-winning picture under her LuckyChap label. In addition, the  stars of Margot Robbie Barbie Film “Sex Education” actors. Emma Mackey (who looks a lot like Robbie), Ncuti Gatwa, and Connor Swindells.

Everything you need to know about Margot Robbie Barbie Film

Hari Nef has arrived at his Malibu dream home after getting a part in the feature picture adaptation of “Barbie”. Greta Gerwig directed the Margot Robbie Barbie Film, which stars Margot Robbie as the famed doll. And Nef joins a long list of supporting performers that includes Ryan Gosling. Kate McKinnon, America Ferrera, Simu Liu, and Will Ferrell.

Margot Robbie Barbie Film

Nef is a pioneering, out trans actor who began her career as a fashion darling before landing big parts in “Assassination Nation,” “Transparent,”. And the Netflix adaptation of Caroline Kepnes’ novels “You.” Her participation in the Warner Bros. Margot Robbie Barbie film, written by Gerwig and her husband Noah Baumbach, is being kept under wraps. Producers include Mattel and Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment. Gersh, Untitled Entertainment, IMG Models, and Shelter PR represent Nef.

In an interview with British Vogue in 2021, Robbie stated that taking on Barbie “comes with a lot of baggage. And a lot of sentimental associations”. But it also brings with it a plethora of intriguing methods to tackle it. People usually hear ‘Barbie’ and think. I know what that movie is going to be. And then they hear Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it and think, ‘Oh, well, maybe I don’t.’

Production began earlier this year in London, with a 2023 release date scheduled. “Barbie” is only one of several Mattel properties being considered for Margot Robbie Barbie film adaptation. There are projects in the works based on the Magic 8 Ball, Hot Wheels, “Master of the Universe,” Polly Pocket, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and the throwback dolls Chatty Kathy and Besty Wetsy.

The manufacturing process has begun.

“Barbie” began production at WB’s Leavesden Studios in London earlier this year, with a theatrical release date of 2023 anticipated.

Other “Barbie” ventures have been planned.

Other live-action versions have been announced throughout the years. Further in addition to Barbie’s leading roles in her approximately 40 animated Margot Robbie Barbie film series. When the live-action remake was set up at Sony, Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway were both attached to portray Barbie; “Juno” and “Young Adult” writer The script was written by Diablo Cody, who was one of the writers hired by the company.

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Barbie’s intended cinematic debut came to fruition as Mattel Films partnered with Warner Bros. to produce the picture, with Robbie, Gerwig, and Baumbach joining the project in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In addition to appearing in the picture, Robbie co-produces for Heyday Films with LuckyChap’s Tom Ackerley, Mattel’s Robbie Brenner, and David Heyman. Executive producers include Josey McNamara of LuckyChap and Ynon Kreiz of Mattel.

What Is the Plot of the Margot Robbie Barbie Film?

The narrative of the new Margot Robbie Barbie film is presently unknown, but Robbie has provided further details, implying that all fans’ expectations should be thrown out the window. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress said that the picture will provide audiences with “the thing they didn’t know they needed.” Robbie, who co-owns LuckyChap Entertainment with her husband Tom Ackerley and close friend Josey McNamara, said to the news site that their new Barbie initiative challenges stereotypes about the character.

‘We enjoy things that feel a touch out of centre,’ said the Wolf of Wall Street actor. She went on to remark that she was aware that many people reading the headlines would think, “Oh, Margot is playing Barbie, I know what that is,” but that her objective is to give them “something entirely different—the thing you didn’t know [they] needed.” We can’t wait to see what Robbie’s production firm has in store for viewers, with recent releases like Promising Young Woman, a vengeance tale starring Carey Mulligan.

Margot Robbie Barbie Film

Who Will Play Barbie in the Film?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robbie is ‘in discussions’ with Warner Bros. to star in the unnamed Margot Robbie Barbie film, which is anticipated to put a ‘modern spin’ on the famed doll. Previous Barbies Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway both dropped out of the project for various reasons. Robbie verified the news two years later in the same journal, much to our joy.

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Robbie discussed the difficulty of playing such a renowned role in a June 2021 interview. ‘It comes with a lot of baggage!’ she said to British Vogue. ‘There are also a lot of sentimental links.’ But it also brings with it a plethora of intriguing methods to tackle it. People often hear “Barbie” and say, “Oh, well, maybe I don’t know what that movie is going to be,” and then they hear Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, and they’re like, “Oh, well, maybe I don’t…”

Is a Trailer for the Barbie Movie Available?

Not yet, and it doesn’t look like there will be one for a time.

Who Will Be in Charge of Directing the Margot Robbie Barbie Film?

When the news of the impending Margot Robbie Barbie Film surfaced, THR stated that Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach (of Frances Ha fame) were in the running to co-write the Barbie script, with Gerwig scheduled to helm. When asked about the rumours in 2020, Robbie was tight-lipped, saying, “All we can say is whatever you’re thinking, it’s not that.”

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However, following Robbie’s June 2021 interview in which she stated, “and then they hear Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it…” Barbie will be directed by the same lady who directed Little Women, according to Variety. The industry publication also stated that production on the picture will begin in 2022, with filming taking place in London, and that the Margot Robbie Barbie Film‘s release date would most likely be in 2023.

Who Exactly Is Barbie?

While they may have comparable physical characteristics (length blonde hair, blue eyes, and a big grin), Robbie and Barbie also have fairly similar job paths. Barbie, after all, has more than 150 jobs on her resume, ranging from registered nurse to rock star, veterinarian to aerobics teacher, pilot to police officer.

Barbie first shattered the ‘plastic ceiling’ in the 1960s when, as an astronaut, she travelled to the moon…four years before Neil Armstrong, according to the Barbie website. Meanwhile, she entered the workplace as ‘Day to Night’ CEO Barbie in the 1980s and campaigned for President in the 1990s, before any female candidate had ever appeared on a presidential ballot.


Similarly, Margot has played some really groundbreaking characters, from her early days as a flight attendant in the series Pan Am to her turn as a figure skater in the Oscar-winning film I, Tonya in 2017. Remember, Margot, life in plastic is amazing!