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Minx Season 2 Was Cancelled Despite HBO Max Renewing the Show

Erotic comedy of the period Minx will not be returning for a second helping. The second season of the comedy series starring Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson, which was picked up by HBO Max in May, has been canceled.

This is the final week of filming for the new season, and it will be completed on time. Season 1 will be removed from HBO Max, and the series’ producers, Lionsgate TV, intend to sell both seasons.

“We have had a good partnership with HBO Max and are working hard to find a new opportunity for Minx so that current and new viewers can continue on this journey with us,” Lionsgate TV said in a statement. Lionsgate also has the comedy Julia returning for a second season on HBO Max, as well as the upcoming limited series Love and Death.

Minx is the latest example of Warner Bros. Discovery failing to move forward with a greenlit film or season of a show this year. It joins the likes of the DC film Batgirl and the animated series Little Ellen on HBO Max, as well as TBS’ reality show The Big D and Season 2 of Chad. HBO Max has also been removing original content, most recently the comedy Gordita Chronicles.

For financial reasons, the latest move is likely to be tied to the end of the 2022 calendar year, and additional write-offs may be in the works. I’ve heard that the Minx cast and crew have been informed. It was full steam ahead on Season 2 of the show until recently when Elizabeth Perkins was cast in a major Season 2 recurring role.

Minx is set in 1970s Los Angeles and revolves around Joyce (Lovibond), a dedicated young feminist who teams up with a low-rent publisher (Johnson) to launch the first erotic magazine for women.

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Other cast members include Idara Victor, Jessica Lowe, Lennon Parham, Michael Angarano, and Oscar Montoya.

Ellen Rapoport created and executive produces the series alongside Paul Feig and Dan Magnante for Feigco Entertainment, Ben Karlin, and Rachel Lee Goldenberg, who also directed the pilot. Jake Johnson is a co-executive producer of the film. The studio is Lionsgate Television.

“All of us at Minx has been blown away by the passionate response from audiences all over the world, who have mashed-up, TikTok-ed, and fanfic-ed us into a renewal,” Rapoport said in May when Season 2 was announced. “In season two, here’s to more chest hair, pussy bow blouses, and tasteful nudity.”

Minx Season 1 Finale Recap

Joyce owns and publishes her feminist erotic magazine by Minx’s Season 1 finale. Bottom Dollar Publications is in ruins without Doug. Did we arrive how? “You Happened to Me” premiered Thursday.

In the episode, we meet Wanda (Allison Tolman, Fargo), Willy’s wife. Wanda read Minx about marital rape and was inspired. When Willy is a jerk one night and demands sex and a spicier meal, she adds jalapeño to his plate and. as requested, puts her capsaicin-covered hands in his boxers. He becomes enraged.

Minx Season 2 canceled by HBO Max

Willy sues Bottom Dollar, and Doug’s lawyer advises settling and moving on. Doug wants to countersue for a PR boost. Joyce, still upset about the Billy photos, is surprised to learn that Tina and Doug are a couple and that Tina is now the managing editor. “Have you replaced me too?” she asks. Joyce doesn’t know: Doug is kinda working on that.

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The suit reveals that Joyce owns Minx and decides to act on it. Joyce, Richie, and Bambi—whom Shelly is secretly dating—confront Doug and ask him to stop publishing the magazine.

He thinks it’s cute, then gets Bambi and Richie alone to say they wouldn’t have their careers without him. He also persuades Richie to stay with the magazine by offering him a larger role.

Councilwoman Westbury advocates for a San Fernando Valley pornography ban on Willy’s show, and everything explodes. More sue Minx. Hate mail floods. Protests are outside the office. Doug’s lawyer suggests folding the mag and continuing with Bottom Dollar’s other publications.

Bambi tells protestors she’s retired from nude modeling when the Bottom Dollar crew is in the office. This infuriates the picketing men, who storm the building and trap Joyce & Co. in the production room.

Bambi reads some of the piled-up letters to pass the time during the siege. only they do not hate mail—they’re from people thanking Minx for improving their lives. Tina calls Doug’s Russian heavies, who arrive and crack skulls until the protest ends.

There’s no simple, happy ending. Tina got into several business schools. Shelly returns home with Bambi’s courage bracelet, realizing she can’t leave her husband for Bambi. Wendy Mah, who Doug had been courting to replace Joyce, writes a scathing article about Minx for Betsy, Joyce’s friend Maggie’s magazine.

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“Because she’s not you,” Doug tells Joyce when he visits. He apologizes for making everything about their business partnership so ugly lately and wants to fix Minx’s problems together. Joyce says, “I’m not sure I’m interested in giving away my power anymore,” suggesting she may go it alone. “Minx is yours,” Doug says. Please take it.

Joyce thanks him as Bobbie Gentry’s “Fancy” plays in the background.