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Morbius 2 Release Date: Will There Be a Morbius 2

The opening weekend for Sony’s Morbius, which is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), was a mixed bag, but will there be a Morbius 2? Morbius was initially released in the domestic market on April 1st, 2022, and has since been met with a reception that can best be described as icy. Critics have panned the film for having an antiquated premise, a strangely constructed screenplay, and poor special effects.

Morbius is not a failure by any stretch of the imagination; the Sony-Verse film is expected to earn roughly $33 million from 4,200 locations over its opening weekend and made $5.7 million from its Thursday night preview screenings alone.

Morbius is the first time that the titular “Living Vampire” will be seen on the big screen. The film takes place in the same universe as Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Morbius tells the story of how its characters came to be, with Jared Leto’s Dr. Michael Morbius (played in the film by Sony’s Morbius) transforming into a powerful vampire after failing in his efforts to treat the unusual blood condition that he and his brother Milo suffer from (Matt Smith).

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The narratives that are shown in Morbius are closely linked with the character’s original narrative from Marvel comics. Many people in the crowd are hoping to witness a version of Spider-Man square off against the Living Vampire while the movie is being shown.

Although this did not occur in the on-screen version of Morbius’ origin narrative, people are understandably curious as to whether or not there will be a Morbius sequel.

This is a question that is now cloaked in uncertainty due to the fact that the poor reviews for Morbius appear to be gradually countered by the movie’s box office results. As a consequence of this, the following is everything that we know about Morbius 2, including which characters might return and the subject matter that the sequel might focus on.

Will Morbius 2 Happen?

As was discussed earlier, the unfavorable reception that the first version of Morbius received from critics casts doubt on the likelihood of a sequel being developed.

However, despite the disparity in reception between Morbius and other recent superhero blockbusters (such as Spider-Man: No Way Home), there is ample reason to believe that a sequel to Morbius could still happen given the Sonyverse and Marvel Cinematic Universe connections that are established in the first movie.

Given the connections Michael Morbius has to a number of other Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony-Verse characters, it is inevitable that he will appear in some way in a future installment of the Morbius franchise, even though there has been no confirmation that a sequel will be made.

Which Characters From Morbius 2’s Cast Might Make a Comeback?

The conclusion of Morbius unmistakably paves the way for the possible return of several of the main characters in a subsequent installment.

Following the passing of his father figure, Dr. Emil Nicholas (Jared Harris), and brother Milo, the titular character Michael Morbius would undoubtedly make an appearance in any version of Morbius 2, with the downtrodden doctor destined to be a somewhat more jaded proposition than before.

After being brought back to life by her character’s newly developed vampire physiology in the climactic sequence of the first Morbius film, Martine Bancroft (played by Adria Arjona) also seems likely to appear in the sequel to the film.

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What the Ending of Morbius 2 Tells Us About the Story

At the conclusion of Morbius, Michael has fully embraced his vampiric skills and is flying with his bat swarm proudly over New York City. Meanwhile, Martine is being revived by her new powers, which Michael is unaware of.

This conclusion sets the stage for a future conflict between the newly vampiric Martine and Morbius, in much the same way as the doctor is forced to brutally murder his own brother after Milo becomes infected with the vampiric curse.

Morbius’ two mid-credits scenes, on the other hand, are the far greater clues for the plot setup of Morbius 2, with The Vulture/Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) appearing in the Sony-Verse as a result of Doctor Strange’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) No Way Home spell before offering Michael a chance to “do some good” alongside him.

Michael Keaton also reprises his role as Morb These sequences give the impression that Michael may have a much more sinister future in store for him in Morbius 2, and it appears like Sony is moving through with the Sinister Six ideas that the company has been sitting on since 2014.

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Forecast for the Release Date of Morbius 2

There is no official release date as of yet because Morbius 2 has not yet been announced, as was already mentioned.

Beginning on October 7, 2022, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) will kick off a busy two years for Sony’s Marvel projects. Kraven the Hunter, another Spider-Man spin-off, is scheduled to release on January 13, 2023.

Sony has two further 2023 release dates for Marvel projects confirmed: June 23 and October 6. The release date for Across the Spider-Verse (Part Two) is probably October 6, 2023, but that is just our opinion.

According to digitalspy, Morbius 2 may be released in June 2023 if production is launched early this year. We believe that the chances of seeing Madame Web or Olivia Wilde’s purported Spider-Woman movie are higher.

If verified, it’s likely that we’ll have to wait until at least 2024 for Morbius 2.