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Why Did Actress Cote De Pablo, Who Played Ziva, Leave NCIS?

Fans of NCIS are devoted and optimistic. One of the longest-running television programs in history, their favorite program has aired for 16 seasons and counting. The show never says die, perhaps that also applies to some characters.

But hope is a fickle creature when it comes to Cote de Pablo, a favorite of the audience. Ziva was killed off in NCIS, but because it took place off-screen, viewers were left with the impression that they might one day see Ziva again. Even the show hinted at a potential comeback.

Unfortunately, practical considerations might work together to permanently ban Cote de Pablo and Ziva from NCIS. They might speak, but they won’t likely be seen, unlike Paul Walker in the Fast and the Furious movies. Walker passed away in real life, but in the movie, his character drove off into the distance.

What Happened to Ziva on “NCIS”?

After a terrorist organization went after NCIS, Ziva (played by Cote de Pablo) was found hiding out in Israel when the eleventh season began. Ziva had already made up her mind to remain in her native land when Tony (Michael Weatherly) was located here.

Why Did Actress Cote De Pablo, Who Played Ziva, Leave NCIS?

This was due to the fact that, after the passing of her father, she had no desire to continue working as a special agent. Fans accepted this and thought, “OK, maybe she’ll return one day.”

After learning at the end of season 13 that Ziva had been killed in a mortar attack, they began to reconsider whether or not it was true. The only problem was that spectators did not actually witness that assault. It was discussed, but no evidence was provided.

Is Ziva on ‘NCIS’ Dead?

Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham) was working on a case in season 16 that led her to Zima’s old office. Ellie discovered a note allegedly written by Ziva: “Eleanor Bishop – Please keep my secret for the safety of my family.” So it appears. Ziva was alive and well, but she preferred to remain hidden. This delighted fans because it hinted at a possible return.

Ziva Has Spoken About Her NCIS Departure

During a Q&A about her “NCIS” departure in 2016, Cote de Pablo stated that she left because she was unhappy with the direction her character was taking.

“Unfortunately, because of political reasons and scripts that were not good enough, I chose not to [return to NCIS],” she explained, adding that she adored Ziva as a character but felt that her story arcs didn’t do her justice.

The actor went on to say, “They planned to send [Ziva] back to Israel and make her a miserable woman… I didn’t think it was fair, so I said, ‘Until someone can really write something fantastic for her, I won’t come back.”

Why Did Cote De Pablo Leave “NCIS”?

In real life, however, the actress was dissatisfied with the show, no matter how much fans adored her. It had nothing to do with the fans; the actress was simply not as fulfilled as she once was. The scripts were no longer adequate for her. CBS also insisted that money was not a consideration.

“Because leaving NCIS was unplanned, there is no plan. It would defeat the purpose if I panicked right now. I need to get really excited about something because I was really excited about this character for eight years. “Unless it’s like that, I don’t want to start anything,” she told TV Guide.

Despite the fact that she felt she had no choice but to leave, she remained grateful to her fans for their support, even though she didn’t have a clear exit plan.

“I was deeply moved by the blind support people showed me without ever learning why I left. People trusted that what I was doing was the right thing to do, and that’s unconditional love from people I’ve never met. That has been the most lovely aspect of this process.”

What is Cote De Pablo Doing Now?

Since leaving NCIS, the actress has maintained a low profile. Her most notable role was in the 2015 film The 33. That was undoubtedly close to the Chilean actress’ heart, as the film was inspired by the 2010 Chilean mining disaster, in which 33 workers were trapped underground for more than two months.

Why Did Actress Cote De Pablo, Who Played Ziva, Leave NCIS

Her most recent IMDB credit is for the indie film Seneca, which is currently in post-production. “A little story about making it big, natural disasters, and being a dad,” according to the plot summary.

De Pablo was on NCIS long enough to earn syndication, which allows her to live comfortably away from the spotlight. According to some sources, she is worth $6 million.

Ziva’s hope is still alive and well at NCIS. NCIS executive producer Steve Binder recently told TV Line that Ziva’s return is not out of the question, though it is far from certain. “Like anything else, we don’t just want to tease the tease,” he explained. If we do pull at it, we’ll have something interesting behind it rather than just repeating the same beat.

Why Cote De Pablo Isn’t on Social Media

Why isn’t Cote de Pablo on Facebook? During her Build Series interview, the actress stated that she isn’t on social media because she is having too much fun living her life. She also stated that she is a very private person and that posting updates on social media is not her thing:

I’m not on social media, so it’s incredible. It’s almost like you’re talking about a world that I’m not a part of. That every once in a while, I’m like, ‘Oh, what are you doing? What’s going on out here?’ And all of a sudden, I realize [social media] is fascinating. It’s funny, the other day, one of my really good friends said, ‘Why are you not on social media?’

I’m not saying no to it, but when I’m out having fun, I’m not taking pictures of myself; I’m just having fun. And I’m too busy having fun so I haven’t really had a moment. However, I know how it can be an incredibly powerful tool. And how very smart people sometimes use it as a platform to shed light on certain issues. So, I’m not completely opposed to it, I just need to find an angle. But it’s something I’m negotiating within myself because I’m an incredibly private person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Was Ziva Written Out of NCIS?

She, Tony, and McGee left NCIS to protect Gibbs from a political vendetta, but when the issue was resolved, Ziva chose not to return. Rather, she returned to Israel and was allegedly killed offscreen during an attack on her father, Eli David’s, farmhouse in Season 13.

When Did Ziva Get Pregnant?

Tonight’s big surprise on CBS’ flagship drama series’ Season 13 finale: Tony and Ziva, whose relationship was always more implied than demonstrated, have a daughter named Tali (played by twins Emelia and Layla Golfieri), who was hand-delivered by Israeli officials tonight.

Do Tony Ziva and Tali Reunite?

Ziva reveals that after learning that a powerful woman named Sahar with ties to her brother Ari wanted her dead, she faked her death and went into hiding to protect Tony and Tali. In the season 17 episode “In the Wind,” Ziva returns to Paris after eliminating Sahar and her associates to reunite with Tony and Tali.