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Netflix Barbarians Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Which New Face Join The Cast!

The second season of the German television show Barbarians will air on Netflix in October 2022 after a lengthy hiatus.

Barbarians, a German Netflix original series, caught viewers by a guard and quickly rose to the top of the year’s most watched originals in 2012. The second season of the Netflix original series Barbarians will premiere in October 2022. Here is all we currently know about the second season of Barbarians, including what to look forward to, important production dates, and the Netflix release date.

The historical drama Barbarians, a German Netflix Original, was created by Jan Martin Scharf and Arne Nolting. On October 23, 2020, Netflix made its global debut.

Since its Netflix debut, Barbarians has been the most watched German Netflix Original series (it was the overall but was topped by Blood Red Sky). With 37 million views in the first 28 days, Barbarians was the seventh-most-watched non-English-language film on Netflix until the service stopped using the 2-minute statistic.

Barbarians also appeared in every top 10 list on Netflix worldwide.

Barbarians season 2 Netflix release date

The actor who portrays Flavus in Barbarians, Daniel Donskoy, assisted in announcing the date of release on Twitter by sharing the first official poster.

The second season of Barbarians will debut on Netflix on Friday, October 21, 2022, according to Whats-on-Netflix.

Beginning in 2022, Netflix Germany announced that the second season of Barbarians will be released on the streaming service during the fall and winter.

We received our first teaser trailer along with the release date for the Fall.

Barbarians Season 2 Cast

Along with the revelation that season 2 will include six episodes, each lasting around 45 minutes, the renewal was also revealed.

The second season’s showrunner, director, and the star will all be Stefan Ruzowitzky (known for The Counterfeiters and Hinterland).

Lennart Ruff will also helm the episodes of Season 2.

The confirmed cast for Season 2 consists of:

Several new cast members are also included for Season 2.

Odvulf will be portrayed by Robert Maaser, while Maroboduus the Marcomanni King, the season’s main antagonist, will be portrayed by Murathan Muslu. Andrea Garofalo will perform the part of Aulus.

As previously mentioned, season 2 debuts will be made by Stefan Ruzowitzky, Katharina Heyer, Alessandro Fella, Cynthia Micas, Gabriele Rizzoli, and Giovanni Carta.

What to expect from Barbarians season 2?

According to a recent Netflix Germany release, we now have a basic idea of what to expect in season 2:

There is a lot of speculation over what season 2 will entail as well.

There is a lot to absorb after the first season of Barbarians ended. The past has taught us what to anticipate from a potential second season.

A Barbarian King?

The three Roman Legions were defeated after Arminius and Thusnelda united the Germanic tribes under a single banner. The Roman Empire suffered a tremendous loss as a result of the ambush’s great success.

It looks more and more likely that Arminius and Thusnelda will be proclaimed King and Queen of the Tribes following a huge victory.

Local conflicts are frequently unavoidable. Together with Hagan, Thusnelda’s former fiancé, her father is scheming. They want to attack when Arminius least expects it and take over the situation.

The Wrath of Rome?

According to history, there will be a great deal more wars in the future and the fight with Rome is far from over.

Tiberius, the Roman Emperor, is preparing another army while Arminius and the Germanic tribes are busy annihilating the last of the Romans east of the Rhine. Germany will lead more legions of Romans as they advance against Arminius.

The betrayal of Folkwin Wolfspeer?

After nearly becoming a Roman slave and losing Thusnelda to Arminius, Folkwin has grown distant from the pair. Even though Arminius promised to elevate Folkwin to the status of prince in the event that he was made Germanic King, the latter viewed this as an insult and stated his desire to kill Arminius.

Arminius’s wish includes Folkwin as a wild card. Folkwin, who popularised the notion that Thusnelda was linked to the gods, is the reason Arminius is still alive. Both actions led to the marriage of his ex-best friend and ex-lover, which helped to unite the tribes and maybe made them the new king and queen.

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