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Never Let Me Go Episode 2 Confirmed Release Date & Stream Guide

Never Let Me Go, the most recent Thai drama will debut on December 13, 2022. We have all the details about the second episode gathered. Here is everything you need to know about the show before we go into detail about the second episode.

Nuengdiao comes from a wealthy family; his father is the owner and manager of a number of important businesses. However, Nuengdiao and his wife Tanya (Rasee Watcharapolme) were unaware of their father’s dark secret as the mafia boss of a network of illegal casinos and a drug trafficking organization until he was shot to death.

Tanya must manage her late husband’s multimillion-dollar businesses despite the tarnished reputation of their family and the intense scrutiny Neungdiao receives at school. Tanya and Neungdiao constantly worry about their safety because their illegal activities put their lives in grave danger.

never let me go

Even Neungdiao’s uncle Supakit (Nat Sakdatorn), who is eager to join their business, finds it challenging to win his family’s trust. As they adjust to their new life, Palm, the son of their longtime helper, is given the duty of being Nuengdiao’s bodyguard to keep him safe from any potential threats.

Despite being surrounded by arguments and the uncertainties of life, Neungdiao and Palm gradually become close and find comfort in one another’s company. Can Neungdiao and Palm, whose relationship is growing and who are getting ready for Neungdiao to take over their business, promise to protect one another in the event of a threat?

Never Let Me Go Episode 2: Release Date

The second episode of Never Let Me Go will air at 9:30 PM on December 20, 2022. (Manila time). Every Tuesday, the program will air on the GMM 25 main network.

Additionally, each episode will last 60 minutes. International viewers can view the program according to the time zone in their nation.

Never Let Me Go Episode 2: Where to Watch

Never Let Me Go will be broadcast internationally on the web every Tuesday at 9:30 PM (Manila time) by GMM 25. The YouTube channel for GMM 25 will host every episode.

Fans won’t need to visit any other websites in order to watch the program for free because it will only be available on the GMMTV Official Youtube Channel.

The cast of Never Let Me Go

Cast members include Perth Tanapon Sukumpantanasan as Chopper (Nuengdiao’s cousin), Pond Naravit Lertratkosum as Palm, Phuwin Tangsakyuen as Nuengdiao Kiattrakulmethee, Organ Rasee Wacharapolmek as Thanya (Nuengdiao’s mother), Nat Sakdatorn as Suphakit (Nuengdiao’s uncle), Chimon Watcher

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Never Let Me Go a True Story?

Kazuo Ishiguro, a British author, published the dystopian science fiction book Never Let Me Go in 2005.

What is the Secret Guard in Never Let Me Go?

The “secret guard,” however, enables Ruth to act out a complex control fantasy. The guard, as its name suggests, gives the students the opportunity to act as “guardians” who guard Miss Geraldine and keep information secret. Ruth creates the rules and has complete control over how the game is played.

Why Do They Harvest Organs in Never Let Me Go?

The “donation program” that is standard in their society is something that the three friends participate in. They are clones who were developed with the sole intention of supplying non-clones with their organs in the future to ensure their survival.