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One of Us Is Lying Season 2 Ending Explained, Will there be a season 3?

After season one’s horrific cliffhanger, season two of One of Us Is Lying was always going to be a crazy ride in order to give another good twist; thankfully, the new episodes were packed with them. Imagine Breakfast Club crossed with Pretty Little Liars.

Yes, One of Us Is Lying has been picked up for a second season. You can watch the first season in its entirety on Netflix right now. Tuesday, November 15, 2022, was the first day of the second season.

In the final minutes of season one, the Bayview Four-turned-Murder Club, or rather one of them, had actual blood on their hands, and an anonymous messenger witnessed the entire incident.

However, after many twists and turns, the truth is eventually exposed. Who was Simon, then? What does the gruesome crime scene signify for the third season?

Here is everything you need to know about the season two finale of One of Us Is Lying and how it sets up a possible season three.

One of Us is Lying Season 2 Ending Explained

At the end of season one, Addy (Annalisa Cochrane), Cooper (Chibuikem Uche), Bronwyn (Marian Tejada), Nate (Cooper van Grootel), and Janae (Jessica McLeod) all received a shady text from a man going by the name of “Simon Says,” who claimed to know who shot Jake (Barrett Carnahan).

Simon Says torments and blackmails the newly renamed Murder Club throughout season two until they identify the sender as new student Fiona (Doralynn Mui), who met Jake in recovery and fell in love with him.

One of Us Is Lying Season 2

Fiona warns Nate about being SS by saying that unless they turn over the person who killed Jake, the footage of the group trying to dispose of his body would be made public (spoiler: it was Addy). The Murder Club discovers that Jake was the one who informed Simon about Fiona stabbing a teacher at her former school.

By utilizing this as her motivation and getting her fingerprints on the same gun Addy used to pull the trigger, they devise a scheme to blame her for Jake’s death.

The plan goes a bit awry when Fiona sets Janae’s yacht on fire while Maeve and Addy are still inside before being pursued by Bronwyn, but the police are there in time to catch her physically twisting the knife in Bronwyn’s chest (don’t worry, she survives) and take her into custody.

Additionally, Maeve was acting as a double agent and was successful in getting Fiona to remove the damaging footage. Cole, the brother of Jake, visits Fiona in jail later.

She tells him about the footage of the Murder Club attempting to dispose of Jake’s body and admits that she knows why he was in rehab, which is still a mystery to us. Fiona returns to her cell but is poisoned and passes away.

The Season 2 Finale of How One of Us is Lying Sets Up Season 3.

As the finale comes to a close, the Murder Club attempts to go on with their lives, and Nate gives Bronwyn a “Stay” necklace. However, a flash forward to graduation day suggests that there will be more bloodshed.

The school is a gory crime scene, and an officer finds the same necklace that Nate gave to Bronwyn and brings it in as evidence. The credits then abruptly roll, leaving us with a million more questions. Never will this exhibition offer us serenity.

One of Us Is Lying Season 2

What occurred at the commencement? Was Bronwyn a participant? What is the secret that Fiona knows about Jake, and what could Cole have done to preserve it? How is the gang going to finish high school? We can only presume that all of these questions will be answered in the third season, assuming it is approved.

Rica Saleh, the executive producer of ETOnline, described the final plot surprise as follows: “We want viewers to be concerned about Bronwyn and what happened at graduation.” But I believe this show has educated our audience that nothing is precisely what it appears to be.

Therefore, I believe that everyone will wonder, “How did that necklace get there?” Was Bronwyn wearing it? Whose blood are we witnessing? ” Cole is unquestionably a character about whom we should have many questions moving into season three “She persisted.

“Cole is determined to conceal whatever Jake’s secret is, and we’ll find out how far he’s willing to go to do so. So we will investigate both the mystery of Jake’s secret and what Cole may have done to conceal it.”

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Will There Be a ‘one of Us is Lying’ Season 3?

The show hasn’t been given a third season yet. But there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. But is Bronwyn really the one being hurt?

“Honestly, I don’t know,” actress Marianly told TV Line. “As a member of the audience, I’m still making up ideas in my head about what might have happened. But my gut tells me that she’s a victim.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens in Part 2 of One of Us is Lying?

Grayson grants all individuals permission to depart. Addy is grateful for Cooper’s resolute presence, and she is relieved to see Jake. Addy is embarrassed that she handled the situation less effectively than Nate. As Jake comforts Addy, she is concerned about what will occur when he no longer sees the best in her.

Who is the Killer in One of Us is Lying Book?

Jake is revealed as the antagonist in both the book and the television series but in different ways. By carrying out Simon’s ideas, he demonstrates in the book that he is a skilled accomplice. He silences Janae by intimidating her. Addy discovers his involvement as he reveals facts that only the two of them know.

Is Simon Still Alive One of Us is Lying?

Simon Kelleher, a deceased Bayview High student, was 17 years old. About That was a well-known software he created. Due to peanut oil in his water, he perished in Chapter 2. (he had nut allergies).