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PAW Patrol the Mighty Movie Release Date: Cast, What is the Plot of PAW Patrol the Mighty Movie?

If movies are to be believed, charming little animals are capable of anything. Rats can cook and manipulate hapless humans with puppets, pandas can perfect kung fu and annihilate their enemies with a slight flex of their pinky finger, and kinkajous can rap about their deceased family members.

One of the most prevalent professions learned by our furry companions is law enforcement, and the most common candidate is a gorgeous puppy. No, this is not a segue into a discussion of the planned “DC League of Super Pets,” a throwback to “Cats & Dogs,” or a full analysis of “Scooby- Doo’s” successful canine career.

It’s all about the “PAW Patrol,” pals, a coalition of dogs from a variety of rescue organizations who band together, Power Ranger-style, to keep their city safer. They began as a Nickelodeon cartoon series in 2013 (which is still airing in 2022), but they slowly pawed their way into enough hearts to earn a feature film dubbed “PAW Patrol: The Movie.”

That, however, did not satisfy their desire for stardom, and a sequel is currently in development. Here is everything we currently know about “PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.”

The Release Date for PAW Patrol

Although details on the impending sequel are scant, it has been revealed that “PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie” will debut on October 13, 2023 (via The Hollywood Reporter).

It will be released in theaters at the same time that a television series centered on Rubble, the bulldog construction pup, will air. According to Jennifer Dodge, president of Spin Master, the Canadian entertainment firm behind the “PAW Patrol” property, the intention is to expand the “PAW Patrol” universe to encompass a vast variety of storylines that can appeal to a large number of fans.

Reading between the lines, it is evident that “PAW Patrol” intends to create its own version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Honestly, we’d watch it, and it’ll be fascinating to see how the franchise develops in the next years.

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Who’s in the Cast of PAW Patrol?

As of this point, there are no confirmed cast members for the sequel to “PAW Patrol”; thus, the details are uncertain. Speculation is that Will Brisbin will reprise his role as Ryder, Iain Armitage will reprise his role as Chase, and Keegan Hedley will reprise his role as Rubble, however, this is all speculation.

In addition to the absence of reports, the difficulty here is that “PAW Patrol” has a trackable history (its IMDb page is a mess) of changing the voice cast from project to project. They even switch actors from season to season in the same show.

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Again, the theory is that this is done to keep a particular youthful sound, as the puppies are regularly spoken by young actors. However, several animated children’s productions use a single voice actor for the same role across the entire series.

Based on this premise, it seems improbable that a hugely successful film like “PAW Patrol: The Movie” (according to Box Office Mojo) would not attract its performers back for another shot at the silver screen. Again, at this moment it’s all supposition, so we’ll see.

What is the Plot of PAW Patrol The Mighty Movie?

Officially described, the plot of the forthcoming “PAW Patrol” film has returned to solid ground. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie” would follow the puppies as they acquire superpowers after a meteor smashes into their home city, Adventure City.

The PAW Patrol gains additional abilities and becomes the Mighty Patrol. Does this more or less corroborate the similarities to the MCU? Yes, yes it does. Yes, this is also the core premise of “DC League of Super-Pets.”

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The Mighty Patrol originated in the anime series, in which the puppies possessed superhuman strength, flight, and pyromantic talents. One of them was truly a Green Lantern exempt from copyright restrictions, for whatever that may be worth.

There is no final word on whether the new film will mark a permanent change for the expanding film franchise, as their powers tended to fluctuate based on the needs of the plot. At least Cal Brunker, the director of the original picture, will return, so aesthetic continuity may be anticipated in the magical puppy cop franchise.