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Pawn Stars Do America Episode 3 Has a Confirmed Release Date and Stream Guide!

The third episode of Pawn Stars Do America is coming out soon. This reality TV show is a spinoff of the original Pawn Stars show and gives more information about the main characters. Rick Harrison and Corey are both in the lead. Austin Russel, who goes by the name Chumlee, is also in the series.

He is part of the famous trio that we see on the original show. This time, they’ve decided to change up their work as pawn shop owners by going on their own trips around the country. The group has filmed more than 600 episodes of their original show, which takes place at their famous gold and silver pawn shop.

In this spinoff series, they’ve decided to put their shop on wheels and go out on their own to find customers. They have to go to almost 8 different cities in the United States and find the most historically important things ever. The new show is being made for History Channel’s fall lineup. The show will last nearly 2 hours.

They will look for some of the oldest and most valuable things ever made and bring them back. In the trailer, Rich tells the fans that this season or show will have some of the craziest things they can imagine.

The three talked about this show and what it was about. They think that a lot of people in the country have inherited, found, or bought very old and unique things that are very expensive now.

Pawn Stars Do America Season 1 Episode 3 Overview

Name of the Season Pawn Stars Do America
Episode Number Episode 3
Genre Reality
Pawn Stars Do America Initial Release Date 9 November 2022
Pawn Stars Do America Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date November 23, 2022
Number of Seasons Season 1

Pawn Stars Do America Episode 3 Release Date

Pawn Stars Do America Episode 3 Release Date

The third episode of Pawn Stars Do America will air on November 23, 2022. San Francisco Treats the title of the episode. At 8 PM Eastern Time, it will end on The History Channel. To watch the most recent episodes streaming on the channel, mark Wednesdays on your calendar.

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How to Watch Pawn Stars Do America Episode 3

When Episode 3 of Pawn Stars Do America airs live on The History Channel, it is simple to watch. I advise checking the time and date we have supplied above before listening in.

Pawn Stars Do America Episode 3 Release Date

The identical entries will later be available for viewing online. Through History’s official website, this is made possible. To log in, you will need a legitimate ID and password.

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Pawn Stars Do America Episode 3 Trailer

Pawn Stars Do America Episodes 2 Recap

But they aren’t specifically there to sell it all in Vegas, they can’t travel that far, or they might not even know what to do with that kind of stuff. They consequently made the decision to really speak with folks outside of Las Vegas about how they came to acquire the products and whether they would be interested in making a deal.

They will start their quest to meet the eight chosen candidates who are prepared to sell the most bizarre items here. The trio gushed about how fantastic it was to constantly reside in hotels while acquiring strange goods for their Las Vegas shop.

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We previously saw that Rick and Corey, together with Chum, had left on a significant deal in Delaware in Pawn Stars Do America Episode 2, titled Revolutionary Deals.

They have some business to conduct in Valley Forge. We discovered afterward that the boys had left the ship and gotten on a museum chopper before returning. They returned to the range after that to check out some incredibly amazing weapons.