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Peter Pan and Wendy Release Date: Cast, Differences From the 1953 Film, Is There a Trailer for Peter Pan and Wendy?

Peter Pan & Wendy is a Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures-distributed American live-action film. David Lowery will helm, and he and Toby Hallbrooks will write the screenplay.

Release Date of Peter Pan & Wendy

Peter and his companions will travel toward the second star to the right till the daybreak of 2023.

The Cast of Peter Pan & Wendy

  • Alexander Molony in the role of Peter Pan
  • Ever Anderson in the role of Wendy Darling
  • Jude Law portrays Captain Hook.

Peter Pan and Wendy Release Date

  • Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell
  • Joshua Pickering in the role of John Darling
  • Jacobi Jupe in the role of Michael Darling
  • Jim Gaffigan portraying Mr. Smee
  • Alyssa Alook as Tiger Lily
  • Molly Parker in the role of Mary Darling
  • Alan Tudyk as George Darling
  • Slightly Noah Matthews Matofsky
  • Nibs is Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez.
  • Kelsey Yates in the role of Twin 1
  • Skyler Yates in the role of Twin 2
  • Florence Bensberg portrays Curly
  • Caelan Edie portraying Tootles
  • Diana Tsoy as Birdie
  • Felix de Sousa in the role of Bellweather.


Margot Robbie was in talks to play Tinker Bell in January 2020, and the film’s release on Disney+ was announced. Joaquin Phoenix was offered the part of Captain Hook in February 2020.

In March 2020, it was revealed that newbie child actor Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson (daughter of actress Milla Jovovich and filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson) would play Peter Pan and Wendy Darling, respectively, and that the film will be released theatrically as opposed to on Disney+.

Filming was scheduled to begin on April 17, 2020, in London and Canada but was postponed temporarily owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.

In July 2020, it was announced that Jude Law would play Captain Hook after Phoenix declined the role. Adam Driver and Will Smith also turned down the role of Captain Hook.

In September 2020, it was revealed that Yara Shahidi would replace Robbie as Tinker Bell.

It was announced in October 2020 that Alyssa Alook, also known as Alyssa Wapanatahk, is cast as Tiger Lily.

It was announced in December 2020 that the film would be released on Disney+ as originally intended instead of in theaters.

Jim Gaffigan was cast as Mr. Smee in January 2021, and members of the group just came to Vancouver for a quick wardrobe test the same week.

Production began on March 8, 2021, in Canada and London and concluded on June 30, 2021.

It was announced that Molly Parker and Alan Tudyk, along with newbie child actors Joshua Pickering and Jacobi Jupe, had joined the cast as Mary, George, John, and Michael Darling, respectively. Filming began on March 16, 2021.

In May 2021, the Lost Boys’ roles were announced, and new characters were added in the form of newcomer child actors Noah Matthew Matofsky (Slightly), Sebastian Billingsley (Nibs), Kelsey and Skyler Yates (Twins; As girls instead of boys as in the original play, novel, and other adaptation versions), Florence Bensburg (Curly; As a girl, instead of a boy, as in the original play, novel, and other adaptation versions), and Kel (Bellweather; A new Lost Boy character).

In July 2021, it was stated that August 2021 would see more filming in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, which will also serve as the film’s backdrops.

Production concluded on August 14, 2021. On January 30, 2022, it was revealed that reshoots would occur from February 2 through February 8, 2022.

Both Framestore and DNEG (Double Negative) will work on the film’s visual effects; it was recently reported.

Official confirmation was made during the D23 Expo on September 9, 2022, that the film will be released in 2023 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the original film.

Is There a Trailer for Peter Pan and Wendy?

Disney Plus has not yet published an official trailer for Peter Pan & Wendy. We’ll post an update as soon as we learn more.

Peter Pan and Wendy’s Filming Sites

Peter Pan & Wendy was shot in Vancouver, Canada, where the breathtaking mountain environment would serve as the ideal setting for Neverland.

Peter Pan and Wendy Release Date

David Lowery and Jim Whitaker, who both worked on the recent live-action adaptation of Pete’s Dragon, directed and produced this film, respectively.

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Differences From the 1953 Film

  • In reference to one of the alternate titles of the original play, “Peter and Wendy,” the remake is titled “Peter Pan and Wendy.”
    The Lost Males consist of both boys and girls.
  • Slightly is now a youngster with Down Syndrome, Nibs is biracial, the twins are African-American females, Cubby is renamed Curly and is a girl instead of a boy, as in the original play, novel, and most adaptations, and Tootles is an African-American.
  • Among the Lost Children, there are also two new characters: Birdie, a Chinese-American girl, and Bellweather, a Latino boy.
  • In contrast to the original play, novel, Disney picture, and numerous other adaptations, Tinker Bell is now an African-American in the remake.
    Captain Hook and George Darling were represented by the same actor in the original Disney film, the original play, and many previous adaptations; but, in the remake, both characters are portrayed by different actors. This tradition was broken for the first time during NBC’s telecast of “Peter Pan Live! Christopher Walken played Captain Hook in 2014, while Christian Borle played both Mr. Smee and George Darling.
  • In the remake, Tiger Lily will play a larger part than she did in the original Disney picture.
  • She now has an equine companion.
  • In the remake, she is portrayed as “both a formidable fighter and a calm and kind leader who guards Neverland and the Lost Boys and Girls from Captain Hook.”
  • She can now communicate in both English and her native tongue.
  • In the original Disney film and some adaptations, Captain Hook’s namesake prosthetic hook is on his left hand. However, in this remake, the hook is on his right hand, as it is in the original play, novel, and the majority of adaptations.
  • This remake, unlike the original Disney film, will not feature smoking due to a 2015 prohibition preventing any kind of smoking and tobacco use from appearing in Disney films.
  • Captain Hook wore a red coat in the original Disney film but a blue coat in this adaptation.
  • Wendy never carries a sword or engages in combat in the original Disney film, but in this version, she is depicted dueling Captain Hook in the official teaser poster.
  • Wendy used a sword and engaged in combat in the 2003 live-action adaptation of Peter Pan.
  • In the original film, Peter Pan wears a hat and carries a dagger; however, in the remake, he does not wear a hat and carries a sword.
  • In the remake, Wendy’s history and Peter Pan and Captain Hook’s rivalry will be addressed in greater depth.
  • According to filmmaker David Lowery, the remake would omit controversial elements from the original film, such as the portrayal of Neverland’s Native American tribe in a racist light.