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Project Blue Book Season 3: Is This Series Renewed or Cancelled?

Those who believe in conspiracy theories and UFOs. They have most certainly already watched Project Blue Book on the History Channel. And you’re probably wondering if the program will be renewed for another season, Project Blue Book Season 3.

Project Blue Book has been the #1 new series on cable amongst audiences shared this TV season. According to the official release, it is averaged 3.4 million people in Live+3. Thus the excellent choice taken by HISTORY is not surprising. Indeed, the season opener drew 2.266 million viewers + 1.61 million DVR viewers. Along with a 0.43 critical demo rating among adults (P18-49).

Project Blue Book Season 3

Project Blue Book Season 2 has gotten mostly good reviews from reviewers and audiences. The second season of the medieval drama series has got a rating of 4.8/5 on Rotten Tomatoes. Further, it got a 7 percent acceptance rating from viewers (as of today).

On Metacritic, the critical opinion was mainly divided. At the same time, audiences gave Project Blue Book Season 2. A high score of tbd/100 and 7.8/10, respectively. This was done among reviewers and spectators. On IMDb, Project Blue Book has a very high overall score of 7.7/10. It is based on about 12k votes (as of today). Project Blue Book has been a massive success because of a clever idea. It is based on real top-secret UFO examinations that have been going on since 1952.

Release Date for Project Blue Book Season 3

Season 2 of ‘Project Blue Book’ premiered on History on January 21, 2020. Further, it ended on March 24, 2020. It is divided into ten episodes. Further with each lasting 42-44 minutes. Season 2 averaged 1.3 million views on the same day. As a result, many were expecting the show to be renewed. Unfortunately, History canceled the show in May 2020.

History has opted to discontinue all of its written programs. According to the show’s co-executive producer Sean Jablonski. However, this does not imply that the program will be canceled indefinitely. A petition was filed on May 7, 2020. This was done in order to aid the creators in finding a new network to air the show. Their production company has been searching for alternatives. Ideally, this was a streaming service that would be willing to host the show.

Further Information on the Release Date

History’s decision to pull it off the channel. Further, according to Jablonski, it was not based on the show’s performance. Furthermore, the screenplay for Project Blue Book Season 3 had begun to take form. As a result, the decision to stop airing it on History was made at a corporate level. Along with the network suspending all scripted programming. As a result, Project Blue Book Season 3 has been officially canceled. This iconic sitcom, which drew a sizable following throughout its two-season run, has ended.

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However, not all hope is gone. It might yet air on other networks or streaming sites in the future. Ideally, Netflix, as it did with great dramas like Designated Survivor and Lucifer. Further, when their respective home networks canceled production. In addition to the petition, supporters have been using the hashtag “Save Blue Book”. This was done in order to organize support for the program on social media. For the time being. All one can do is hope that the program finds a network and is renewed.

Was the End of ‘project Blue Book’ Due to Falling Ratings?

The showrunners were singled out for their apparent historical errors. David O’Leary, the show’s creator, was harshly chastised for inflating the drama. This was done in order to make the show more entertaining. The showrunners used actual names, real events, and real locations. Prior to actually taking complete liberties to fabricate some “too bizarre to be true” incidents. It takes away all of the realism that was previously its main selling point. The network declared that the series would not be renewed for a third season, Project Blue Book Season 3. As a result of these persistent complaints! The narrative, however, did not end there.

Will There Be a Third Season of ‘project Blue Book’?

A petition was submitted in May 2020 to move Project Blue Book Season 3 to a new network. The producers then started exploring additional ways. This was done in order to preserve the show from extinction. However, Sean Jablonski, the show’s producer, stated that. The decision to discontinue the show had nothing to do with the negative press or dwindling viewership. The show was canceled when the History Channel opted to discontinue. When it decided to discontinue its fiction programming in favor of documentaries. As a result, the petition was also aimed at aiding the producers in searching for a new network. Preferably a streaming service to continue the tale.

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As a result, it’s reasonable to say that Project Blue Book Season 3 is now at the top of the ratings. However, there is a strong possibility that the program may return in the future. Netflix is notorious for picking up such series from networks. Further continuing to produce them in order to increase viewership. They did it before, with ‘Money Heist’ and ‘Stranger Things,’ and they did it well.

‘Project Blue Book’ has amassed a sizable fan base over its two-season run. As seen by the sheer amount of signatures on the petition. Furthermore, it was a plot that promised to improve with time. It prompted the creators to keep working to keep the series alive.

How Many Episodes Are There in Project Blue Book Season 3?

The third season of Project Blue Book has a total of ten episodes.

Project Blue Book Season 3

The Season 2 Finale of Project Blue Book is Revealed! | So, what’s next?

Operation Mainbrace was the subject of this episode. In September 1952, eight NATO countries, including New Zealand, participated in a naval drill. There were 80,000 troops, 1,000 planes, and 200 ships on the water. Several UFOs were reported in the area during the Mainbrace maneuver. It lasted for around 12 days.

A reporter named Wallace Litwin captured multiple images of a “silvery, spherical” object. This was done after a British pilot gained control of the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. The UFO actually collided with the Danish warship Villemos at the end of the final episode. Several crew members, including an officer, saw the triangular-shaped craft. It is said to have been moving at speeds of almost 900 miles per hour.

What Comes Next in Terms of Happiness?

He begins charting on the map using the locations from the files and leaves after he’s finished. He sees the Greek inverted triangle symbol. It represents the musical proportions that form the universe’s basis. A similar triangle was discovered on obelisks in Antarctica. It was also employed in Season 1’s secret “program”. It was more powerful than the MK-Ultra.

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Hynek now has a plan, but he needs assistance. In Tierra del Fuego, he discovers William. He informs her that Quinn has discovered aliens and that they must now locate her. A sight of a professor aboard a ship going towards the Iceberg concludes the episode.

Project Blue Book Season 3- What Do We Know Thus Far?

Project Blue Book was the covert name for an Air Force operation in 1952. It was done after many sightings of UFOs during the Cold War period. It was created to justify or disclose as many reports. This was possible under the conditions in order to calm any potential hysteria. It further protects the general public from a known public safety threat.

“At this time, an obviously mechanical quirk that was beyond human control. It was not Russian that addressed an immense possible risk…” Some of the primary characteristics used in the series include a Russian covert operative homicide, self-sacrifice, firearm-wielding government hooligans, and other quirky narrative devices.

Project Blue Book Season 3

The series’ central character is the recognizable cosmologist J. Allen Hynek, played by Aidan Gillen. He was hired as Blue Book’s logical expert and was first committed to justifying flying saucers. As ordinary quirks or jumbled up differentiating bits of proof. However, he gradually realized that the strange goods were genuine and required more logical reasoning.

Above all, this History series often went beyond the case investigations and the genuine individuals featured. They further made it more trivial by adding several plot components that never occurred. It’s tough enough for people trying to figure out the truth about government. It deals with the involvement of UFOs without mixing truth with fiction, fact, and fabrications.

Season 3 Cast of Project Blue Book – Who Will Be a Member of the Upcoming Season?

The series’ main characters are Aidan Gillen. He is who plays Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Michael Malarkey. He is who plays Captain Michael Quinn. Because they’re the protagonists, they’ll undoubtedly feature in Project Blue Book Season 3 if it ever airs. Apart from these actors, Neal McDonough as General James Harding, Ksenia Solo as Susie Miller. Further, Laura Mennell as Mimi Hynek, and Michael Harney as General Hugh Valentine. They are also set to return to the screen.

What Would Be the New Plot for Project Blue Book Season 3?

It’d be difficult to discuss anything about the narrative of the next season. It is because no official announcement of the series’ restoration via Project Blue Book Season 2 has been made.
Aside from that, the series’ plotline is based on historical events. With some fictitious aspects thrown in for good measure. Further anticipating the main storyline might be a difficult task. No…?

In any event, the mysteries confronted by Hynek and Quinn. During the hour of the literal Project Blue Book in recorded History. These are what the storyline of the previous two seasons mostly deals with. However, there were a few ambiguities at the close of the previous season. To give you an example, what happened to Susie? Quinn was nowhere to be seen. There were a couple more question marks that remained unanswered.

We are considering these ambiguities. The answers to these questions can serve as subplots in Project Blue Book Season 3. In addition, Project Blue Book Season 3 may have a few more occurrences of Project Blue Book. This is similar to what we’ve seen in the previous seasons.

Wrapping Up

Since the creators/producers have given no formal approval for the resurrection of the series thus far. There has been no official trailer or teaser released for the same. Fan-made trailers/teasers, on the other hand, are freely accessible on YouTube. We’ll post the official trailer as soon as it becomes available; meanwhile, you may view the previous season’s trailer.

Given that History Channel has canceled the series. Let’s hope that Netflix or Amazon Prime embraces ‘Project Blue Book. This was done further, giving fans a reason to rejoice. What do you anticipate will happen in Project Blue Book Season 3? Tell us whether you believe the science fiction historical mystery series will be resurrected in the comments.