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Russian Doll Season 3: What is About Release Date?

Russian Doll season 3 has yet to be announced by Netflix, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a new episode of the critically acclaimed show. “I know there has to be room for something beyond my limited imagination right now to know if that is still where the series starts, where it goes, and where it ends,” Natasha Lyonne, the show’s star and co-creator, told The Hollywood Reporter in 2019. “Perhaps there are only two. Perhaps there are four. These three appear to be the most important at the moment.

We’ve compiled everything Lyonne has said about Nadia and Alan’s possible return, as well as our ideas and guesses about what might happen next. In short, we have all the details you need about a possible Russian Doll season 3, but be warned: there is major season 2 spoilers ahead.

Date of Release

Because season 3 of Russian Doll has not yet been ordered, it is difficult to predict when it will be available on Netflix. Season 1 premiered in February 2019, and Season 2 premiered in April 2022, so we may not see Nadia and Alan for another three years. has not revealed any official season three plans, but the authors and creators have according to digitalspy.


The good and bad news about Russian Doll’s final two seasons is that they can be watched separately, but they also fit together to form a larger picture.

We can assume that Nadia will travel back in time in season three because season two ended in a complete moment. Aside from that, the future, like Nadia’s, is very uncertain. But we’re excited to see what happens next.

The first season revolved around a time loop that was constantly in the present. The deaths of Nadia and Alan kept happening until they figured out how to stop it.

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The second season went much further back in time, and Nadia learned (and became) both her mother and grandmother at various points.

Given this, we can assume that season three will take place in the future, which was mentioned but not the main story in season two.

When Variety asked Lyonne if this was true, she responded, “Without giving too much away, I’ve had the same thought.” The show will always be a philosophical, psychedelic musing on time, death, and other topics.

Lyonne has hinted at the possibility of a third season. “There appears to be a season 3 idea in the works.” It’d be cool if it was one of those shows that people talked about five years later. I believe we have a few more episodes planned. That would be fantastic for Russian Doll.

Now that you mention it, I believe we have a plot for our original film. It’s been two decades. ‘I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop watching this show.’ It is heavily influenced by how hungry and welcoming people are.”


The Russian Doll would not exist without Natasha Lyonne, who plays Nadia. Alan, as played by Charlie Barnett, is also important to the plot. He is the polar opposite of Nadia and a much-needed friend. Nadia’s friends Maxine (Greta Lee) and Lizzy (Rebecca Henderson) are also expected to return.

Whether we see Nadia’s mother, Nora (Chlo Sevigny in the past, Elizabeth Ashley in the present), or Ruth (Annie Murphy in the past, Elizabeth Ashley in the present), who are both dead, depends on whether we go back in time.

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Horse (Brendan Sexton III) will most likely return in future seasons as well. We still don’t know much about him, other than the fact that he appears to be homeless. He always appears when things get strange for Nadia. He may, however, be involved in Nadia’s time looping/traveling mishaps. We can only hope that season 3 will answer that question.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Russian Doll Only Available in One Season?

For its first season, it received four Primetime Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Lyonne. The show was renewed for a second season in June 2019 and will premiere on April 20, 2022.

Why Should You Stream Russian Doll on Netflix?

“Russian Doll” makes use of the fact that it reluctantly jumps around in time to ask big questions about how we become who we are. This is a nice addition to a moving story. Nadia can travel back in time, but she can’t change the fact that her mother suffered from a mental illness that had an impact on both of their lives.

Why is it called that?

The title “Russian Doll” alludes to Nadia’s journey in both seasons. A Russian doll, also known as a matryoshka doll, is a type of Russian trinket that consists of a wooden doll that can be opened to reveal smaller and smaller dolls. The more dolls you open, the more doll shells you find inside until you reach the last and smallest doll.