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Silverado Filming Location: Where was “Silverado’s” opening scene filmed?

Where was “Silverado” filmed? ‘ — stop your search! We have you covered. Not only do we provide information on where this legendary Western was filmed, but we also provide tips on how to recreate the “Silverado” aesthetic for your own production, photograph, or event using Peerspace.

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Where was “Silverado’s” opening scene filmed?

In the first scene of “Silverado,” Emmett is ambushed while sleeping in a hut that has been abandoned. After a brief gun battle, Emmett rises up and opens the door to discover what he sees. Evidently, he is viewing a breathtaking panorama of White Rock, New Mexico.

As stated in New Mexico Magazine, “[a stop at the White Rock Overlook] may be added to a trip to Los Alamos only for the vista.” Observe the initial scene and compare it to the image of the White Rock Overlook in New Mexico Magazine.

Was the whole of “Silverado” shot in New Mexico?

The whole of “Silverado” was shot in New Mexico, according to IMDB. Considering “Silverado” was shot in fewer than 100 days, it seems logical that the crew wouldn’t want to waste time traveling between states.

However, this did not prevent the film team from utilizing a number of sites around the state. Among other locales, scenes were filmed at Galisteo, Nambe, Abiquiu, and Los Alamos.

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Is “Silverado” an actual place?

You may have noticed that the term “Silverado” was omitted from the list of filming locations. However, this does not imply that “Silverado” is not a real place. In reality, “Silverado” is known by a different name: the Cerro Pelon Ranch.

However, this property was once known as the Cook Ranch when the shooting took place. According to the New Mexico tourist website’s archives, the film team discovered the ranch while flying a helicopter over the region. They believed that the area would be ideal for the film, so they dispatched the location manager to Bill and Marian Cook’s house.

The Cooks accepted the location manager’s request to allow the crew to construct several structures on their land. Cook stated in a New Mexico archive piece, “From then, it grew into a big-budget film, and the Silverado set was created.” Thus, Silverado was born!

Can you travel to the city of “Silverado”?

The Cerro Pelon Ranch is privately owned and so accessible to the general public. Photos taken from a helicopter indicate that Silverado appears to be intact, although the private ranch is not currently promoting its availability for filming.

It appears that the only methods to visit the ranch are to fly over it or purchase it. The property was sold for $48 million in 2021, as reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican. Therefore, if you’re interested in purchasing the renowned “Silverado” property the next time it is up for sale, you’ll need quite significant money.

Are there further Western-themed villages that may be visited or rented?

Even if you cannot visit the real “Silverado” sets, you may still organize a party, production, or photoshoot with an authentic “Silverado” theme! You may find a selection of lovely Western-themed locations around the United States on Peerspace. Observe a few highlights.

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1) A Western event space with a Texas twist

Cleburne, Texas features an incredible Old West village, saloon, and log cabin. This unique Peerspace location is perfect for a “Silverado”-themed wedding or event since it features a four-bedroom guesthouse with a bridal suite, a “prison” for the gentlemen to get ready in, a stunning event barn, and an outside covered pavilion.

2) A charming Western saloon, perfect for a “Silverado” photoshoot

This stunning salon is located just a few miles from Driggs, Idaho, on a wonderfully planted piece of Idaho paradise. This Peerspace location features a creek, footbridge, sheep camp wagon, hot tub, and fire pit, making it great for outdoor photoshoots. But the picture selections are not limited! Also, be sure to observe the Western-themed interior design throughout this room.

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