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Somos Season 2: Has It Released?

It’s no surprise that many subscribers who watched and enjoyed the first season of Somos are wondering when the second season will be made available on the streaming service.

The story of the people of the Mexican border town of Allende and what happens when a group called the Cartel takes over is told brilliantly in Somos. High production values and a compelling storyline based on real events distinguish this show. Subscribers should not delay viewing it in its entirety and should instead make preparations to do so.

There’s a good reason why season 2 of Somos would be in high demand among Netflix users: the show tells an impactful story. A large number of people are eager to see more episodes, so that must mean they enjoy it.

Even though there isn’t much info available just yet, fans can find everything they need to know about the Somos season 2 premiere here.

Release Date

Depending on whether the streamer’s contract is renewed, the next excursion could be in 2022 or early 2023. Somos fans want season 2 fast According to netflixlife.
Somos Season 2 (2)

Season 1 of Somos premiered on June 30, 2021, so we expect the network to evaluate the performance of the first season and quickly renew the show for a second, similarly titled season.

Information on Future Episodes

The number of episodes in Somos season 2 has not yet been determined. In most cases, we won’t know until the release date of the show draws nearer. The second chapter would also have around six entries, similar to the first.

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There has been no new information about when production on Somos Season 2 might begin. The information about the next batch of episodes will be publicized after the official announcement.


Neither the cast nor the plot summary for Somos season 2 has been made available to us. We don’t know where the show will go after the first season because there are so many possible outcomes.

Somos Season 2 (1)

When we learn more about what to expect from Somos Season 2 from Netflix, we’ll be sure to share it with you.


Who might return for Somos season 2 is currently unknown. I guess it all depends on season 2 and how they decide to proceed with the show.

Netflix has not yet unveiled its full cast roster. We’ll report back as soon as we learn more.


People of Mexican descent would prefer not to perpetuate the stereotype that their country is full of violent drug traffickers and psychopaths. A case of cruel behavior, which also harmed innocent people, was a reality for the people of Allende.

The cartels were feuding as usual, and terrible things were happening everywhere. Apparently, the children of this village were not noticed by the person in a rush to get to work or a date at 8 a.m.

There has been a wedding, a lot of laundries, and grazing of cows in the recent past. They had no idea a bloody battle and gruesome slaughter were on the horizon for that night. And innocent people who have never tried drugs will be killed or hospitalized due to the brutality and greed of others.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Season 2 of Somos in the Cards?

There is no confirmation that Netflix plans to release the second season of Somos, and as of right now, there has been no announcement regarding a second season. There is still a chance that the show’s story will continue in the future because it hasn’t been officially canceled.

Is There Any Truth to the Somos Story?

Ginger Thompson, a journalist, wrote a report for ProPublica in 2017 that serves as the basis for this series. She spoke with dozens of people, including eyewitnesses, relatives of victims, law enforcement officials, and criminals with ties to the Zetas, the most feared drug cartel in Mexico at the time.

Why Did Everyone in Somos Die?

In their quest to retrieve Hector’s concealed package and exact revenge on Benjamin, the insurgent prisoners overran the city and slaughtered anyone in their path. Together, Cesar Molina and his employee Pablo managed the business.