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Steel Magnolias Filming Location: Is Chinquapin, Louisiana a true place?

You’ve seen the iconic film and are curious where “Steel Magnolias” was shot. There’s little doubt that viewers are wondering about the exact location of filming for this tearjerker’s most memorable sequences. Today, we’ll take a tour of the most iconic filming sites from “Steel Magnolias” and explain how to visit them for yourself.

About Steel Magnolias

Based on Robert Harling’s 1987 play of the same name, “Steel Magnolias” was released in 1989 and continues to gain new admirers each year. The plot follows a group of women who work in a beauty salon in a small Louisiana town and how the death of one of them impacts them. The cast includes Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, and many others.

About Steel Magnolias

Fans will remember the film for its touching moments as well as its terrific comedy. Another legacy left by “Steel Magnolias” is the stunning cinematography that truly captures the essence of life in Louisiana. You have likely seen “Steel Magnolias” and wondered where it was shot.

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Is Chinquapin, Louisiana a true place?

Before we can examine any of the film’s real-world settings, we must first verify whether or not Chinquapin, Louisiana is a genuine place. Once this is established, we may proceed to answer the question: where was “Steel Magnolias” filmed?

The fact that a Hollywood film takes place in a certain location does not always indicate that it was shot there. The case of “Steel Magnolias,” however, was filmed in Louisiana.

Is Chinquapin, Louisiana a true place?

According to Travel With Marilyn, both the film and the play are set in Natchitoches, Louisiana-based Chinquapin. Robert Harling is a native of Natchitoches, and the play was inspired by his experience of losing his sister Susan.

Susan’s memorial park is located at the intersection of Pine and Cypress streets in the city. In addition to the “Steel Magnolias” walking tour offered by the city, there is a great deal to see in Natchitoches.

The film and play have greatly benefited the little village. Robert Harling was able to give back to the community that reared him by attracting a steady stream of tourists interested in “Steel Magnolias.”

In an interview with the Shreveport Times, Arlene Gould of the town’s tourist board stated, “It placed us on the map; for everyone who has seen the film outside of Natchitoches, it is synonymous with the film.” It had a profound effect on the tourist industry and our town.”

Where in Natchitoches, Louisiana was “Steel Magnolias” filmed?

Now that we have a better understanding of the origin of the plot and the setting, we can answer the question: where was “Steel Magnolias” filmed?

Where in Natchitoches, Louisiana was "Steel Magnolias" filmed?

Before discussing well-known sights such as the “Steel Magnolias House,” we will discuss a few lesser-known locations in Natchitoches.

Williams Avenue is the location of the residences where Clairee and Shelby reside, according to The Cinemaholic. They also indicate that the hospital seen in the film is the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center, situated at 501 Keyser Avenue and bearing the name Natchitoches Regional Medical Center.

Saint Augustine Church in Natchitoches is where Shelby and Jackson, played by Tom Skerritt, were married.

“Steel Magnolias” House

So much of the film takes place in the “Steel Magnolias House,” a historic brick home with a tranquil porch. The 5,900-square-foot residence at 320 Jefferson Street in Natchitoches is now a bed and breakfast, according to an article in Today.

As of the publication of their piece, rooms cost around $200 and each was supposedly named after a character from “Steel Magnolias.” According to reports, the interior of the property has stayed mostly untouched by the film, ensuring that fans who visit Natchitoches have the whole experience.

The proprietor of the bed and breakfast, Dan Dyess, told Today that his typical guests were staying there. “Most of the time, women gather here with their daughters. You wouldn’t believe how many moms I’ve met whose daughters are called Shelby.”

Numerous “Steel Magnolias” fans have inquired as to the location of the film’s filming, indicating that the picture has left a lasting impression.

If you like to reserve a room at “Steel Magnolias House Bed And Breakfast,” please visit their website. In addition, they state that the house was constructed by Italian architects in the nineteenth century using French bricks. They further claim that the house may have been an Underground Railroad station. Clearly, there are several tales to tell about this home, and probably more!

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