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What the performers and producers of Disney’s “Strange World” have to say about the film’s gay teen

Disney’s upcoming animated sci-fi adventure picture Strange World held its world premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and stars attended to celebrate the film’s release on November 23.

The fact that one of the film’s primary protagonists is a multiracial, out-gay adolescent—a first for Disney—is a hot topic.

In Strange World, a biracial family of explorers explores a perilous realm inhabited by bizarre and terrifying creatures. Jaboukie Young-White, an out comedian and actress, provides the voice of 16-year-old Ethan.

In June, Disney presented several scenes from the film at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France, including one in which Ethan flirts uncomfortably with another lad.

“The scene depicts [Ethan] being really shy in front of his boy infatuation, and his father enters the room and says, ‘So great to meet you! After viewing the scenario in June, Emmy Award-winning producer Matthieu Saghezchi tweeted, “My son says, ‘My son talks about you all the time,’ which further embarrasses his kid.” “Very cute.”

While right-wing blogger Ben Shapiro shouted on Twitter against Disney’s alleged “gay agenda,” the cast and writers of Strange World praised the film’s casual treatment of Ethan’s sexuality.

“Who we are, what we encounter, and what encounters us in life shape our identity and our reality. “It’s such a broad and inclusive group,” Jake Gyllenhaal, who portrays Ethan’s father Searcher, told the Associated Press on Tuesday night’s red carpet. It is such a lovely thing, in my opinion, that the concept of having a gay child is becoming acceptable.

Gabrielle Union, who voices Ethan’s mother Meridian, has some reservations about the concept of “normalization” in an interview with Variety.

“People are always using the word ‘normalize,'” she remarked, “but there is no need to normalize normal. It simply is”

Union continued, “You got to see a loving family that was really supportive of their child’s identity, and their version of trying to steer him to safety or steer him is more in terms of his career — and the path he’s going to take in life.”

“His homosexuality is a part of him. Don Hall, the film’s director, remarked, “He’s also daring and incredibly sensitive, which makes him a sort of conservationist.” Also, he is impetuous, as many adolescents are. Therefore, he was simply a flesh-and-blood, well-rounded individual to us, and I believe we cannot wait for the rest of the world to accept him as we did.”

Young-White remarked, “I thought it was quite interesting that Don and [co-director and writer Qui Nguyen] truly have a commitment to just representing what our world looks like and what reality looks like, without being heavy-handed or forced.” It is basically the way it is.

The actor that portrays Ethan’s grandfather Jaeger, Dennis Quaid, commended the film for not making a big deal of the character’s sexuality. “I was quite relieved that the script did not reference that,” he remarked. “It’s okay that it wasn’t explained or this or that, or that I had to go through the coming out process. I believe our civilization is well passed that point.”

Following this summer’s Toy Story spin-off Lightyear, Strange World is the second Disney animated film to feature an LGBTQ character in 2018. This picture, which contained a short kiss between two female characters, was consequently banned in more than a dozen nations.

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