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The Black Phone Ending Explained: A Call From Beyond

Currently, The Black Phone is available to view on Peacock and to purchase on Blu-ray, DVD, and the typical VOD platforms. The picture reunites Ethan Hawke, director Scott Derrickson, and producer Jason Blum for a spooky ghostly story, their first since Sinister.

The Black Phone combines a terrifying serial murderer plot with haunted home cliches to produce an original horror thriller loaded with shocking disclosures and unexpected turns. If you want to know exactly what occurs at the conclusion of The Black Phone, we will explain the macabre connections between all of the major plot points.

During The Black Phone, a variety of individuals pursue their own interests. The film opens with Hawke’s Grabber, a serial killer with a sadistic penchant for young boys who have previously abducted and murdered at least three youngsters.

The Black Phone depicts the Grabber rapidly abducting two additional individuals before selecting Finney (Mason Thames) as his sixth victim. The majority of the film focuses on Finney’s quest to escape the Grabber’s soundproof basement jail, where the psychopath confined the prior children.

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Where Does the Titular Black Phone Come In?

At first, it seems impossible for Finney to get away, but he soon finds out that he can get calls from the ghosts of the Grabber’s past victims on a black phone that isn’t plugged in.

The Ending Of The Black Phone Explained

Each of the victims of the Grabber tried to get out of the basement in a different way, and they are all eager to tell Finney what they did. Every time Finney tries to get away, he fails just like the other people.

The victims don’t know enough on their own to get out of Grabber’s trap. But if Finney puts together all the tools he gets from his ghost friends, he can fight for his life and stop the serial killer.

Meet Ghosts

The first ghost Finney talks to is Bruce, who is played by Tristan Pravong. Bruce shows Finney where there is a loose tile on the floor that leads to the dirt below. Finney tries to dig his way out of his cell, but it takes too long to do anything useful. Then, Billy (Jacob Moran) tells Finney that he has hidden a long wire in the space between the wall and the floor.

Finney could use this wire to hook onto the grate that covers the only window in the basement and climb out. But Finney’s weight makes the grate fall. Then it’s time for Griffin (Banks Repeta) to say what the code is for the lock on the main door of the Grabber’s house (it happens to be his bike lock).

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Finney makes it to the street, but the serial killer drags him back to the basement. Vance (Brady Hepner) shows Finney the last way out. He shows Finney how to break a hole in the wall to get to a big freezer. Finney unscrews a metal plate in the back of the freezer, but this route is also blocked because the freezer’s doors are locked from the outside.

When all of Finney’s escape plans fail, his best friend Robin (Miguel Cazarez Mora), who was the last victim before Finney, shows up and says that fighting the Grabber is the only way to get out alive.

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Robin shows Finney how to use the black phone as a weapon by putting the dirt he dug earlier into the handset. Robin shows Finney how to move the phone to make sure he can take down the Grabber, but just in case, he also sets a trap. Finn is getting ready to make the Grabber fall into the hole he dug in the floor by using Billy’s wire and the screws from the freezer.

How does all of this work to bring The Grabber down?

When the time is right, the Grabber goes down to the basement with an axe, followed by his bloodthirsty dog Samson. The Grabber ties Samson close to the door to stop Finney from running away.

The Black Phone Ending, Explained | POPSUGAR Entertainment

He moves closer to the boy while holding his axe. Finney uses the black phone’s handset to hit the Grabber, and then he runs away from the serial killer. The kid pulls the wire when the Grabber tries to catch Finney. The Grabber trips and falls into the hole, breaking his foot on the grate at the bottom.

Finney takes the chance to hit the Grabber several times before using the phone line to choke the serial killer. Before the serial killer dies, the black phone rings one last time so the Grabber can hear the voices of the children he killed while he takes his last breath. Last, Finney uses some frozen meat from the freezer to get Samson’s attention so he can leave the basement.

Gwen, meanwhile, is having her own supernatural problems.

While Finney is trying to get out of the Grabber’s basement, his sister Gwen (Madeleine McGraw) is trying to help the police with their investigation. Just like Finney, who can talk to ghosts, Gwen can also sense supernatural things.

This is both a blessing and a curse. The young girl has dreams about the future, and every night she tries to find new clues about where the Grabber is holding her brother. That’s a dangerous job, because her father, Terrence (Jeremy Davies), is a violent alcoholic who is willing to beat Gwen until she learns to control her powers.

Even though she is afraid of what her father will do to her, Gwen keeps looking for clues about the Grabber’s home in her dreams. At the end of The Black Phone, the girl takes the police to a house that has been abandoned.

The Black Phone Ending Explained (In Detail)

When the police start looking into the area, they find a basement with six graves, one of which is empty. The Grabber put the dead bodies of his victims in the basement of this empty house. An open grave was just waiting for Finney.

Just as the police are looking into the suspicious basement, Finney walks out of the house across the street. Both homes turned out to be owned by the Grabber.

His main home was where he kept his victims while they were still alive so he could play sick games with the poor boys. The other house, which was empty, was only used to put dead people in a safe place.

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After killing the Grabber, Finney walks out of his prison, still in shock. His sister is the first person he sees. She runs toward him and gives him a big hug. A little while later, when the two siblings are being cared for in an ambulance, their father arrives at the scene.

When Terrence sees that Finney is still alive, he falls to his knees and asks for forgiveness for how he treated their children and their special skills. We hope that this will get Terrence to stop drinking and become a better dad. Finney, on the other hand, becomes famous at his school as the brave kid who killed the bad Grabber.