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The Eternal Daughter Ending Explained: What Happened to Julie?

As with most of her previous works, the horror drama “The Eternal Daughter” by Joanna Hogg seems and feels intensely personal to the director. Julie decides to take Rosalind and her dog, Louis, to a mansion-turned-hotel for Rosalind’s birthday, and the novel chronicles their experiences there.

There is not a great deal of mystery in the image, but what there is can be difficult. The best way to appreciate “The Eternal Daughter,” a film in which neither absolute truth nor even strong hints about what’s happening are offered, is to approach it with an open mind and interpret it as you will.

The Eternal Daughter Plot and Summary

Julie listens closely as the taxi driver relates a spooky story of spotting a ghost while traveling through the foggy British countryside, while her mother Rosalind, and faithful cat Louis observe the incident quietly. Julie registers at the front desk as they reach their destination, a once-grand rural home that is now a hotel.

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The reservation appears to be incorrect, as the front desk receptionist has difficulty identifying both Julie’s reservation and the woman’s apparent request for a ground-floor room. She first refuses to provide a room on the first floor, despite the fact that all of the keys to the hotel’s unoccupied rooms are out in the open.

As soon as the visitors are ensconced inside their chosen rooms, the receptionist dashes away before Julie can finish her remark. Julie observes, at the conclusion of her shift that night and every night thereafter, the receptionist being driven away in a car with blaring music and reckless driving, likely by her lover.

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Due to the exceptionally loud wind and the splintering of boards everywhere, Julie is having difficulty settling into her hotel room. However, she is determined to complete some work on her laptop. Julie, a professional filmmaker, is having a very tough time composing a film on her mother and their relationship.

She attempts to write in a cosy corner on a higher floor of the house, where the temperature is more comfortable, but the disruptions keep returning. Concerning Julie’s health, the abandoned hotel, the frighteningly loud noises, and the fact that her mother does not appear to notice any of this are alarming.

The Eternal Daughter Ending Explained: What Happened to Julie?

Julie returns to her room after her out-of-the-ordinary birthday dinner, and Bill enters as she begins to sob once more. Bill, the groundskeeper, had denied her invitation to her mother’s birthday dinner due to family responsibilities, but he was now present.

Again, this might be read as an allusion to the fact that Bill, like Rosalind, is a fiction of someone’s imagination. After a hearty breakfast the next morning, Julie begins working on her laptop with seeming ease. Julie’s writer’s block disappears as she reveals that she is troubled by memories of her dead mother.

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Julie seems considerably happier and more pleased as she leaves the hotel over the holiday season, maybe because she has finally completed the screenplay. Julie expresses her appreciation for Bill’s assistance as she and Louis are escorted to a cab outside the hotel by Bill. After entering the cab, Julie observes as the car accelerates away.

“The Eternal Daughter” does not present anything fresh or exceptional at its heart. Impressive is the film’s ability to hold viewers’ attention throughout and leave them considering a wide variety of issues and solutions.

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We are never told or given any hints as to why Julie saw the face of a ghostly woman or how Louis re-entered the room after leaving it. Julie is either hallucinating or recalling something from the past.

Parts of Julie’s recollections from when she stayed at the hotel with her mother when she was still alive have become intermingled with her current memories, according to a notion that is more fanciful. Despite the fact that Louis may have left the room at the time, he is there at this moment.

However, Julie continues to pursue previous occurrences in an attempt to make her mother happy. The graphics and soundtrack replicate the ambiance of classic gothic horror films, making this a pleasurable experience for aficionados of the genre. The film’s sound design may make it appear that there is more drama than horror, but it’s the sound that will first captivate you.

“The Eternal Daughter” appears to be a straightforward portrayal of a daughter’s efforts to match her mother’s expectations long after the latter’s death. In 2022, Joanna Hogg will direct the drama/thriller “The Eternal Daughter.”

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