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The Most Beautiful Flower’s Ending Explained: Why is Mich Suddenly Popular?

Everyone looks back on their time in high school with fondness. This is the time when all the major milestones of life take place. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, from the first time you fall in love to the first time you experience everything from love to heartbreak.

Along with happiness and sadness, life frequently features adversity in the form of bullying, conflicts, or competitiveness. A person who is not considered conventionally attractive is constantly targeted by bullies and fat-shamed because of their appearance.

Netflix’s “The Most Gorgeous Flower,” a Mexican high school drama, tells the uplifting story of Michelle, a beautiful and sociable student who is overlooked at her school despite her obvious strengths.

Mich’s best friends at school, Yadi, and Tanya don’t think it’s a big deal if people ignore her, but Mich is determined to make an impression on everyone. Let’s see if Mich can grow an identity of her own.

The Most Beautiful Flower Ending Explain

Mich, a brilliant and hopelessly original high school student, struggles with romantic complications, peer pressure, and family traditions on her way to achieving her ultimate goal: widespread acclaim. Mich, sick of being overlooked by the cool crowd at school (which includes her boyfriend), decides to make a name for herself at the start of the new academic year.

Since Brenda and Mati get back together after their spontaneous trip, Mich begins dating Dani again. Thanks to her newfound self-awareness, she’s resolved to prove to her acting teacher that she deserves a part in the play. Her impressive turn in the audition led to her being offered the role of the fifth understudy.

The Most Beautiful Flower

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Dani has been trying to patch things up with her pals while simultaneously planning a big night out at the hotel with Mich. Brenda, on the other hand, uses stagecraft to eliminate her rivals. She connives with her companion to stow drugs in a cast member’s locker, then begs her to quit the play in exchange for more likes and comments on social media.

Only Mich, Majo, and Brenda are still playing Alice. Even after sharing private time with Majo in the locker room, Mich’s thoughts about the latter are still ambiguous. When Majo sees her kissing Dani, she becomes so rejected that she goes away and even quits the theatre production. Brenda, realizing that she and her cousins are the only ones left in the cast, devises a cunning plot to secure the lead role.

She posts a video of childhood photos online, in which she outs Mich as her sibling. As others begin to recognize Mich in the video, she quickly becomes a cult following. Now Brenda invites her to the fountain, where she explains that if she quits the play, she’ll be one of the popular girls, but if she stays, she’ll lose all the attention.

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Mich appreciates the attention she receives, but she has always wanted to perform on stage and be recognised for her abilities. Her mother eventually caves in and agrees to let her compete in a talent show instead of The Most Beautiful Flower. So she declines Brenda’s offer, which prompts another video in which she claims her account was hacked and she has no blood relation to Mich.

During the broadcast, another cousin sends her a message with a photo of her sister Mich and her boyfriend Mati kissing. Although she is saddened by this news, she is overjoyed to be reunited with her father and continues watching the live video. After Brenda confronts Mati about their kiss, the two discontinue their relationship. Mich pays a visit to Majo, and the two end up kissing, but she still won’t go anywhere with it.

The Most Beautiful Flower

After watching the live stream video, the audience seems to be really booing Mich, who gets the solo in the play since not even Brenda shows up. Her confidence takes a hit, but she gets her strength from the video and manages to finish the play. Dani’s sudden desire to tell her how he feels comes as a shock after the rousing success of her performance.

After her final night kiss with Majo in the park, she asks for more time and runs across Mati, who also wants to get together after splitting up with Brenda. After being taken aback by their collective onslaught, she hastily enters her home to announce to her family that she too would like to take part in the pageant.

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Only to learn that Brenda is moving in with her and will act as the family’s representative at the pageant. Although the tale ends here, we can assume that Mich is extremely displeased to find Brenda already dressed in the outfit she intended to wear. If there is a second season, we might learn more about who Mich dates.

Why is Mich Suddenly Popular?

Mich’s problems are exacerbated when Brenda creates an entire Instagram post for her, identifying Mich as her cousin and causing the entire school to recognize her. She’s even invited to hang out with the cool kids, giving her a taste of what she was hoping for at the start of the season. But it comes at a price. Brenda wants her to stop being Alice so that the carnival can continue.

Mich needs to get her head in the game, but no matter where she looks – from Dani to Mati and even Majo – she can’t decide what she wants or who she wants.


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