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The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date & Where To Watch

This article covers predictions for the third episode of season one of the Prime Video series The Peripheral, as well as the episode’s release date and online streaming locations.

Burton (Jack Reynor) and his companions face bounty hunters in the second episode of The Peripheral, while Flynne (Chloe Grace Moretz) finds the terrifying reality behind this frighteningly realistic VR game. The series premiered with magnificent visuals and a great deal of suspense, but in the second chapter, the majority of the secrets are revealed, and there is a large deal of explanation and backstory. Here is what transpired in The Peripheral’s second episode:

The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date and Time

The third episode is slated to premiere on Prime Video on Friday, October 28, 2022, at midnight Eastern Time. The third episode is titled “Haptic Drift” and will run for 69 minutes.

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Where to Watch The Peripheral

The third episode of The Peripheral’s first season will be available on Amazon Prime Video on the date shown above.


  • Corbell Pickett has been brought in to complete the Research Institute’s mission to eliminate Burton and Flynne. It appears that the Research Institute is becoming increasingly frantic to have Burton and Flynne eliminated. He will most likely gather his associates and devise a plan for the future.
  • Now that her mother is cured, Flynne will return to London and begin tracking down Aelita in a frightening, post-apocalyptic future.
  • The Research Institute will become aware of the search for Aelita since they are also looking for one of their own employees. Daniel will pursue Flynne in one realm, while Corbell will pursue her in another.
  • Tommy will continue his investigation into the weird occurrences in his village and learn that all leads lead back to Burton and his family.

Other Update about Episode 3

Prime Video: The Peripheral - Season 1

Future Cherise, director of the Research Institute, discusses the breach with Daniel. The murderer from the first episode has located Burton and is offering a bounty for his death. Cherise desires the death of Burton and his people.

The bounty hunters and Burton’s gang engage in gunfire, as Flynne attempts to defend her mother from an assault in the house. The good guys prevail, and none of their own are injured during the assault.

Lev calls Wilf and requests that Flynne be brought back to the future. Flynne was the last person who saw Aelita alive before she disappeared.

Flynne is teleported back into the game, this time in the body of her own avatar. Wilf argues that this is not a simulation, but rather the real world. She is not physically present in this world, but her data has been uploaded to a robot. It’s known as quantum tunneling. Wilf demonstrates to Flynne that she is in the future by showing her mother’s obituary and the outside world. They promise to rescue her mother in exchange for her assistance.

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Flynne retrieves and administers the medicine that will heal her mother in 2032. She then gives him an update on the entire story. Deputy Sheriff Tommy Constantine stumbles upon the invisible trucks, which may belong to the deceased bounty hunters, by sheer chance. He also discovers a bullet in the truck and seeks Burton’s military knowledge.

Wilf introduces Flynne to Lev, Ash, and Ossian in London in the year 2100. They require Flynne’s assistance in locating Aelita, but Flynne desires to answer first. They discuss parallel timelines and the probability that Flynne’s mother will survive. Before going, Flynn wants assurance.

Burton requests Conner’s assistance in safeguarding their land from additional bounty hunters.
Daniel offers Corbell, a local mobster, ten million dollars to murder Burton and Flynne. That night, despite not believing Daniel, he discovers $2.5 million in his account. The mother of Flynne gets cured of her blindness.

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