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Why Will the Netflix Original Series “Thieves of the Wood” End in January 2023?

Thieves of the Wood, a miniseries in Dutch, is one of Netflix’s international dramas that you might not have heard of. After only being available on Netflix for almost three years, the show will end in early January 2023.

The series, which is also called The Flemish Bandits, is set in the tumultuous time when Austria ruled the southern Netherlands. It tells the story of Jan de Lichte and his group of thieves as they try to make their way through the dangerous world of political corruption and intrigue.

They take on the rich and powerful through brave robberies and clever plans, striking a blow for fairness and justice. Before going to Netflix, the show was first shown on VTM, a TV station in Belgium that broadcasts in Dutch and Flemish.

The 10-part series was added to Netflix around the world on January 2, 2020, and it will leave on January 2, 2023. This means that Netflix has a three-year license for the series.

Thieves of the Wood will be available on Netflix until January 1, 2023. The date of removal is the same for all Netflix regions.

The show has a score of 84% from audiences on RottenTomatoes, but Joel Keller at Decider said to “SKIP IT.”

Why are Thieves of the Wood Leaving Netflix?

Contrary to what most people think, just because something is called a “Netflix Original” doesn’t mean that Netflix owns it forever.

In this way, Netflix Originals are subject to licensing agreements that say how long the content can be on the platform, just like any other licensed content on Netflix.

Thieves of the Wood

In the past few years, Netflix has seen a growing number of its own shows leave the service. There are times when new arrangements are made, like with Lilyhammer and If Anything Happens, I Love You, but it’s not likely to happen with a smaller title like this one.

Thieves of the Wood Season 2 Release Date

‘Thieves of the Woodseason 1 aired on Netflix on January 2, 2020, with a total of ten episodes. Season 1 concludes the story completely, beginning with Jan De Light’s rise to power, followed by his capture and execution. As a result, the chances of the show being renewed are limited.

However, when Netflix makes renewal selections, it primarily considers viewership data. So we can’t say for certain that the series will never return, as there have been cases when originally scheduled one-offs have been renewed for numerous seasons.

As a result, we’ll have to wait until Netflix makes an announcement. If they do decide to commission another season, it might be in the style of a prequel or sequel with new cast members.

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If renewed, ‘Thieves of the Wood season 2 will premiere in January 2022 – because historical dramas, with their intricate set designs, require longer production time. However, it is quite improbable that the show will return for a second season.