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Three Sisters Movie: Read Our Opinion on the Series

There is a lot that has to be done for Heesook’s spouse and daughter. She is difficult to adjust to since she does not express her actual sentiments and even joins a phoney religious group to be baptised. Miyeon, the three sisters who lives with her choirmaster and professor husband, conceals the violence that stems from her religious conviction.

Miok married a divorcee with a child out of rage because she disliked her sister. Heesook has been diagnosed with cancer. Miok becomes enraged, refers to herself as a slut, and attempts to pick confrontations with her family. Miyeon, who appears to be the most composed on the outside, is taken aback when she discovers her husband having an affair with one of his choir members.

When the three sisters reunite in their hometown for their father’s birthday, they are awkward, aloof, and hurt. There is a lot of confusion during the celebration since their little brother Jinseob is acting strangely. The sisters’ pasts begin to emerge more and more.


The sisters lived in the city with their foster parents as “besleme” (a foster kid or maid). They’ve returned to the isolated mountain town where they grew up with their father. When everyone wants to get home, their strategies of unity and competition will either assist or hinder them. Their father, foster father, and Reyhan’s spouse are all individuals with vested interests in how the three of them return to the city.

It Debuted at the Osaka Asian Film Festival

Our major protagonists are three sisters, each with a very different life, but each with a very tragic existence. It’s difficult to inform anyone, even her daughter Bo-mi, that her mother has cancer. Hee-sook is always apologetic and can’t seem to tell anybody, including her kid. Mi-yeon, a devoted Catholic choirmaster, is having difficulty persuading her children to follow the faith as closely as she would like.

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She has just discovered that her husband is having an affair with one of the choir members with whom she used to work. It’s particularly difficult for Mi-ok, the youngest, to avoid alcohol since she has to deal with her stepson, who believes she sets a negative example by drinking. The three sisters must come together for their father’s birthday. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and old scars will surface. Sometimes the youngest two sisters get together.

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Lee Seung-won directs a picture based on his own screenplay that accomplishes a lot of things at once. It’s largely a family story that fits perfectly in Japanese cinema. All three sisters’ households are in some manner dysfunctional, and Lee utilises real-world issues to highlight them. 

Why Did We All End Up Like This, My Beloved Messed-up Sisters?

The three sisters are dealing with their own issues. Mrs. Sorry, Hee Sook, is ignored with the help of her family. Mrs. Devout, Mi Yeon, observes her husband’s infidelity. And Mi Ok, Mrs. Hysteric, is just crazy, constantly drunk and dissatisfied with life. The sisters are getting together to celebrate their father’s birthday. What will occur? We’ll see when the time comes.

Cast of Three Sisters

Moon So Ri was cast as Mi Yeon in Three Sisters.

Hee Sook is played by Kim Sun Young.

Mi Ok is played by Jang Yoon Ju.

Dong Wook is played by Jo Han Chul.

Sang Jun is played by Hyun Bong Shik.

Kim Ga Hee in the role of Bo Mi

Mom is played by Kim Mi Kyung.

Lee Chang Hoon plays the hometown preacher, Park Kwang Seon plays Byeong Gu, and Lee Bong Ryun plays the supermarket lady.

As a college student, Im Chul Soo

Jeong Beom is played by Kim Eui Sung.

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Kim Ji An portrays Mi Yeon Young Park Ji Hong portrays Curate Park Ji Hoon in the role of a phoney preacher

Seong Woon’s homeroom teacher is Jang Sun.

Lee Joo Won in the role of Steamed Bun Man

Kwon Yoo Jin in the role of Countryside Nurse / Coffee Shop Madam

Kim Ae Jin works as a supermarket cashier.

Patient: Kim Kwon Hoo

Kang Sook as a Churchgoer

Jung Chung Gu in the role of a churchgoer

Ji Woong Bae in the role of a churchgoer

Lee Won Hee in the role of a churchgoer

Biography of the Director

In 1974, EMIN ALPER was born in Ermenek. He grew up in Karaman (Turkey). Ermin studied economics and history at Istanbul’s Bogazici University. He holds a PhD in contemporary Turkish history. Emin Alper, in addition to directing films, teaches modern history at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey.


In 2018, three sisters shared a residence.


For their father’s birthday, three sisters who were in horrible relationships and had bad lives reunited in their hometown. Their little brother’s strange behaviour reminded them of their own terrible background.

Wrapping Up

Three Sisters is a movie that is easy to comprehend and human if you don’t want to see slow-paced arthouse movies that simply speak about art for the purpose of talking about art. Every one of the three female characters follows a different route in life, yet they all confront the same everyday struggles against the weight of existence, from dysfunctional families to spiritual crises and personal ailments.

The film’s power and aesthetic excellence stem from the fact that it depicts a genuine image of the individuals it depicts. We are frequently moved by the most intimate and commonplace aspects of people’s life. We witness the core of our human situation in these short stories of everyday people, as one of the sisters, who has illness and is destitute, silently suffers the anguish of life and attempts to live with dignity. This might also be stated to be the subject of an art film.