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Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Cast: They Are Literally All Too Hot to Handle

Netflix has officially announced the Season 4 cast of Too Hot To Handle, and they are literally all too hot to handle.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, the blockbuster Netflix reality program follows ten attractive singles from across the world who believe they’re in for the summer of a lifetime. It turns out that this is actually a “retreat” where they are required to abstain from all forms of sexual contact, including kissing, fondling, any form of intercourse, and yes, self-gratification.

If they choose to disobey the rules, money is withdrawn from the reward pool; Lana, the all-seeing robot, is constantly watching. Yes, it is conceivable (looking at you, Season 3!) to reach zero dollars. While personal growth is the objective of the villa, some candidates are focused on other types of growth, and the ensuing drama is amusing as heck.

Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Release Date: Cast, Trailer, Plot Summary, How Many Seasons Are There Too Hot to Handle?

This season will be hosted by Mario Lopez himself. What bogus show will Lopez offer this season’s contestants? According to E! News, Wild Love will “harness the power of adrenaline to let you fall in love harder and more deeply than ever before.” However, as we’ve seen previously, this is not sustainable.

“Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle” will premiere on December 7; the release date is rapidly approaching.

Here is a look at the ten celibate singles who are experiencing the most eventful summer of their life.

1- Brittan Byrd


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A post shared by BRITTAN BYRD (@brittan_byrd)

Age of Brittan: 22 Hometown: Hawaii, USA Model by profession; Instagram: @brittan_byrd “The worst thing that has ever occurred to me was when a man stared me in the eyes and said, ‘I’m going to make love to you.'” I almost threw up!”

2- Nick Kici


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A post shared by Nick Kici (@nickkici)

Nick Age: 28 Hometown: Michigan, United States Artist’s Instagram account: @nickkici “I am quite expressive. Girls appreciate my arty side.”

3- Sophie Stonehouse


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A post shared by Sophie Stonehouse (@sophiestonehouse)

Sophie Age: 22 Hometown: Brighton, United Kingdom Event planner on Instagram: @sophiesstonehouse “I’m not interested in anything serious with anyone. If they’re not there when I wake up in the morning, that’s great!”

4-Sebastian Melrose


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A post shared by Sebastian Melrose (@sebmelrose)

Seb Age: 24 Hometown: Glasgow, UK Race car driver on Instagram: @sebmelrose Now that I’ve gotten a makeover, I still have the gift of gab. The situation becomes perilous then.”

5- James Pendergrass

James Age: 23 Hometown: Hawaii, USA Both a student and a physical therapist, Instagram: @jamespendergrass_ “Am I excellent in bed? I don’t want to brag and claim I’m the greatest, but… I am the best.”

6- Dominique Defoe


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A post shared by Dominique Defoe (@dominiquedefoe)

Dominique Age: 23 Hometown: Colorado, United States Position: Student Instagram: @dominiquedefoe “I’m the most attractive nerd you’ll ever meet.”

7-Creed McKinnon


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A post shared by Creed McKinnon (@creedmckinnon)

Creed Age: 24 Perth is the capital of Australia Occupation: Entrepreneur Creed McKinnon’s Instagram account is @creedmckinnon. I cannot survive without female companionship. I have significantly more female than male friends.

8- Nigel Jones


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A post shared by Nigel Jones (@nigeleuro_)

Nigel Age: 29 Hometown: New Jersey, United States Occupation: Entrepreneur and model Instagram: @nigeleuro_ “9-5 I’m businessman Nigel, and between 5 and 9 p.m., you’ll meet Naughty Nigel.”

9- Jawahir Khalifa


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A post shared by Jawahir Khalifa (@jawahirkhalifa)

Jawahir Age: 22 Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands Occupation: Model Instagram: @jawahirkhalifa “I am aware of my goals in life. Michael B. Jordan.”

10- Kayla Richart


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A post shared by Kayla Richart (@kaylarichart)

Kayla Age: 22 Hometown: Los Angeles, United States Model by profession; Instagram: @kaylarichart “Men believe that they are the only players. However, I enjoy playing the game.”

The trailer reveals the release date of “Too Hot To Handle Season 4.”