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Top 6 K-Drama Series to Watch in December 2022! 

Dark new K-dramas usually debut in December, and this year is no exception. The dark story of Connect, in which a man’s eye is implanted into a vicious serial murderer, will open Disney+. In this story, the man is forced to experience horrible images.

In the meantime, Kim Nam-Gil and Cha Eun-eagerly woo’s anticipated thriller series Island explores the eerie legends and secrets of Jeju Island.

It will also excite fans of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area and Alchemy of Souls to know that the two popular dramas will return in December, only a few months after their first seasons aired. The 2020 dramatic supernatural-fantasy series Missing: The Other Side, starring Go Soo, Heo Jun-ho, and Ahn So-hee, is finally back with its second season.

The legendary actor Choi Min-Sik (well known for Oldboy) will also appear in Big Bet as a wealthy casino owner who is in danger of losing everything. This will be his first small-screen appearance in 26 years.

The Forbidden Marriage, starring Shooting Stars’ Kim Young-dae as a morose Joseon-era monarch who pushes the kingdom into a marriage ban after losing his wife, is a good choice for those seeking something lighter. Here are 11 forthcoming K-dramas to watch in December 2022, without further ado.

1. Recipe for Farewell

The Dr. Romantic actor Han Suk-kyu portrays a translator whose wife, Kim Seo-Hyung from Mine, is diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. Every day, she asks him to prepare meals for her that will be gentle on her delicate stomach.

The problem is that he can only ever make instant ramen. He now devotes himself to cooking and develops a personal style. Lee Ho-Jae, who directed Sori: Voice from the Heart, is making his acting debut with Recipe for Happiness. Observer, December 1

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2. Connect

With Connect, the venerable Japanese director Takashi Miike (Audition) makes his Korean drama debut. Connect is an intense action thriller about a mutant who battles a serial murderer thanks to a unique connection they have in common.

The principal actor, Jung Hae-in of D.P., is a young guy who has the ability to heal himself from any wound. One of his eyes finds up in the head of a psychotic serial murderer, played by Go Kyung-Pyo, after a fight with illicit organ donors (Love in Contract). December 7, Disney+

3. Work Later, Drink Now Season 2

In this second season of Work Later, Drink Now, the hard-drinking young professionals Ahn So-hee (Lee Sun-bin), Han Ji-Yeon (Han Sun-Hwa), and Kang Ji-goo (Jung Eun-Ji) return for another intoxicated season of life, love, and headaches.

One of the unexpected drama hits from last year was the first season. (9 December, TV)

4. The Forbidden Marriage

The youthful Joseon dynasty king Lee Heon, whose family had sought unsuccessfully to marry him off for seven years, is portrayed by Kim Young-dae of Sh**ting Stars. The issue is that until he does, no woman in the kingdom can get married.

One day, the king is attracted to the con artist Ye So-rang (Park Ju-Hyun, Mouse) when she makes the assertion that the ghost of his late wife remains in the palace. December 9 (MBC)

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5. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 2

The next installment of Netflix’s Korean remake of Money Heis will debut after the first six episodes were released in June. Attempting to plunder the mint of a recently united Korea is a group of crooks led by Yoo Ji-Tae and Oldboy antagonist Jun Jong-Seo (The Call).

Part two, which consists of six episodes as well, will continue where Part 1 left off, with the gang in the middle of a heist at the mint. (9 December, Netflix)

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6. Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow

One of the most watched shows of the summer was the historical fantasy epic Alchemy of Souls, which will return for 10 episodes next month with its signature blend of magic, romance, and palace intrigue.

Except for Jung So-min, who is dramatically replaced by Go Yoon-Jung this season, the entire cast is back. There was no scandal here, though; the change was driven by the plot of the show because Mu-deok, the lead character, will soon revert to her previous identity as Naksu, which Go played in the pilot. (10 December, tvN)