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Troll Release Date: Trailer, Cast, What is Troll About? When and Where Was Troll Filmed?

Norse mythology and its characters occupy a unique place in contemporary popular culture, making them a fan favorite. From episodes like Vikings to films like Valhalla Rising, Marvel’s Thor, and the most recent, The Northman, Norse legends are being reimagined as compelling and uplifting tales. Troll, a forthcoming horror film on Netflix, will follow suit.

The film depicts the reawakening of an old beast and the efforts of an unusual bunch of heroes with knowledge of folklore to stop the troll from causing havoc in Oslo as it slowly moves from the faraway mountains.

Roar Uthaug, the Norwegian filmmaker of the folk horror thriller, is best known for The Wave (2015) and the Tomb Raider reboot starring Alicia Vikander (2018). Espen Aukan, a Norwegian screenwriter and playwright who has previously written for television series such as The Games and horror films such as Vikingulven and Wettlaufer’s Widow, is the author of Troll. Troll is produced by Espen Horn and Kristian Strand Sinkerud, who previously produced the Netflix film Cadaver.

While you wait for the release of the horror film, you can review all the available material, including the trailer, plot, cast, and characters.

Release Date of Troll

According to Netflix’s most recent statements, Troll will be available for viewing on Thursday, December 1, 2022.

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When and Where Was Troll Filmed?

Given the gorgeous settings in the trailer, you may be wondering where this film was made.

Troll production began in September 2021 and concluded in December 2021, with the majority of filming taking place in Oslo and other Norwegian cities.

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Watch the Trailer for Troll

In June 2022, Netflix released a teaser trailer for Troll, which depicted the awakening of a mysterious mythical beast. The video does not reveal much, likely since it is still a teaser and a full-length official trailer has not yet been released. From what we have seen, though, this horror film will be a race against time to prevent the titular monster from spreading widespread harm.

The teaser also provides views of a group of individuals, including a father-daughter couple, who appear to be leading the others in their search for the beast. Then, we get our first glimpse of the aforementioned troll.

It appears to be a massive boulder, camouflaged in the highlands of rural Norway until a cloudy sky brings it to life. Huge and shapeless, it has four enormous fingers on each hand and a lengthy tail.

It sounds foreboding, doesn’t it? Now, what it desires and why it has awakened after many years are the exact reasons why you should watch the film, and the wait may have been worthwhile after all.

As stated, there is not much to glean from the trailer other than the film’s tone. Troll, like the majority of monster films and traditional horror tales, is set in a dark and dreary environment, with the exception of Norway’s breathtaking beauty. Be prepared for both a visual delight and a terrifying encounter.

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Who Is Cast in Troll?

The Netflix original film stars renowned Norwegian actors such as Ine Marie Wilmann and Mads Sjlvrd Pettersen. Wilmann is a highly regarded Norwegian actress, renowned for her roles in Sonja: The White Swan, a biopic about figure skating superstar Sonja Henie, and television programs such as Exit and Furia.

In Troll, in which she portrays Nora, she makes her Netflix debut. Kristoffer will be played by Pettersen, who is most known for his roles in Home for Christmas and Eddie the Eagle.

Troll’s cast also includes Pl Anders Nordvi, Eric Vorenholt, Hugo Mikal Skr, Kim Falck, Gard B. Eidsvold, and Pl Richard Lunderby in other roles. Kim Falck portrays Andreas, Gard B. Eidsvold portrays Tobias, and Pl Richard Lunderby portrays Fisker.

What Is Troll About?

For those who are unfamiliar with trolls, here is a brief explanation. Trolls are monstrous monsters in Nordic folklore, particularly Norse mythology (not to be confused with the adorable and funny cartoon depictions of trolls or social media harassers).

They are enormous, typically ugly in appearance, far removed from human civilization, predatory by nature, and pose a grave threat to humans.

In addition, they have enormous feet that leave not only footprints but also craters wherever they walk. According to the teaser, folklore also states that trolls come to life in the dark and turn to stone when exposed to sunshine, making them nocturnal animals. In several ancient Scandinavian stories, it is thought that certain geographical markers were created when trolls were exposed to sunlight.

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The upcoming Norwegian horror film on Netflix tells the narrative of one such ancient giant that awakens from its slumber and moves toward civilization. As untypical as this is for these mystery species, a group of experts must determine the origin of this awakening and halt it before it becomes a destructive force.