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Virgo Season: How about Geminis?

Virgo season begins when? The astrological event of 2022 encourages you to focus more on your preferred self-care routines and cross things off your to-do list—but in a relaxing manner.

We could all use some time to regroup after the hectic Leo season, one of the most dramatic astrological events of 2022. The cosmos are telling you it’s okay to get some R&R if you consider scheduling a massage or manicure.

According to Nebula’s astrologer Patrick Price, “What is special about Virgo season is that it encourages us to be selfish, but in the best possible way”. “Not only is it much quieter than most other times of the year, but it’s also the time for us to take some time for ourselves.”

Virgo Season 2022 Begins When?

Dates: August 22, 2022, through September 22, 2022
According to Price, the Virgo season, arguably one of the most restful of the year, will ask us to examine our routines and make necessary adjustments in addition to taking care of ourselves. This cycle is about peace and growth, which astrology fans can all appreciate.

Virgo Season (1)

“The daily activities we engage in shape who we are and determine the type of life we lead. Not in the location you desired? Which ones do you use? Which ones are preventing you? In what areas of your life are you acting too impulsively? “Price queries.

Even though it seems like we’re still basking in the slow-motion Cancer season vibes, Virgo season is actually helping us get things done. Be damned to the delay!

Take baby steps that will eventually pay off, advises Price. “Embrace the little things in your daily routine, whatever they may be, that you have been putting off.”

Who Will Experience Virgo Season the Most?

The season’s call for self-improvement and TLC is anticipated to be felt by all zodiac signs, but there are three signs that may experience it slightly more than others. While Virgos (of course) will be fully embracing that self-care motto, Cancers can anticipate a busy social season.

How about Geminis? Then, things start to get a little complicated

Your energy levels will feel higher because Mercury, your ruling planet, is also the ruling planet of this season, according to Price. This will make finding relaxation even more difficult than it already is. But still, take some time this month to really slow down.

Virgo Season (2)

Why not take advantage of the energy left over from the Sturgeon moon and the push towards the fall equinox to look after yourself and prioritize your needs? There is no good reason not to!

We are urged to examine ourselves, and Price advises that we should feel empowered to take back control of our lives in modest ways that will eventually make them richer.

Let’s all take advantage of the Virgos moment in the spotlight. Our 2022 calendar will keep you, starry-eyed followers, up to date on the cosmos and their busy schedules by providing a look at all of the astrology seasons.