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Wendell and Wild 2: Who Are the Cast Members in Wendell and Wild 2? What is the Plot of Wendell and Wild?

Wendell & Wild is an American stop-motion horror comedy film directed by Henry Selick and co-written by Jordan Peele that addresses the concept of loss, unlike any other animated film. Based on Selick and Clay McLeod Chapman’s unpublished book of the same name, Wendell & Wild stars Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Angela Bassett, Lyric Ross, James Hong, and Ving Rhames as the title characters.

The film aired in select theaters on October 21, 2022, and then on Netflix on October 28, 2022. Since its publication, it has won numerous accolades from critics.

The stop-motion animation is a memorial to Mark Musumeci, an energy specialist who assisted Henry Selick in all of his prior stop-motion films since The Nightmare Before Christmas despite his untimely passing during production.

Will There Be a Sequel to Wendell & Wild?

At the time of this writing, Wendell & Wild has not been renewed for a second season. Wendell & Wild’s renewal is contingent on a number of criteria, including viewership numbers, production costs, and more.

Due to the recent premiere of this stop-motion film in limited theaters and on Netflix, the renewal of a sequel will take some time. As a result, Wendell & Wild currently has no release date.

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Who Are the Cast Members in Wendell and Wild 2?

The following list lists all of the anticipated cast members for Wendell & Wild 2:

  • Michael Keaton Key Jordan Peele Lyric Ross
  • Angela Bassett
  • Tamara Smart
  • Ramona Young
  • John Hong

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What Could We Expect to Happen in Wendell & Wild 2?

We may anticipate that by the end of Wendell & Wild 2, Kat will have moved on from the death of her parents and come to terms with both reality and her connection to them. Kat’s connection with the underworld would lead her to connect with Wendell, and Wild may be more entertaining in a creepy sense if it were played up to its potential.

Ready Steady Cut claims that “The sequel will illustrate that she is calling upon the spirit world as something natural that happens,” and that she has the ability to communicate with her parents whenever she desires. It is possible that she could be recruited by Wendell and Wild to work in the Underworld in the role of a “hellmaiden.”

A sequel to Wendell & Wild would be more exciting and exhilarating for all animation enthusiasts, despite the fact that the tale was a bit messier than planned and that the pacing of it was rushed, which limited the character introductions.

What is the Plot of Wendell and Wild?

Kat Elliot resides in Rust Bank with her parents, Delroy and Wilma, who manage a root beer brewery. Kat is terrified by a two-headed worm in her candy apple, which causes her father to drive off a bridge during a rainy night; only Kat lives.

Five years later, Kat is a spiteful, punk rock-loving juvenile delinquent who holds herself responsible for the deaths of her parents. Meanwhile, devil brothers Wendell and Wild spend their days in the underworld applying hair cream to their balding father, Buffalo Belzer and fantasizing about creating a fair for the souls of the deceased.

Kat attends the all-girls Catholic school managed by Father Best in Rust Bank. A trio of preppy students led by Siobhan Klaxon, whose parents’ private prison business Klaxon Korp has taken over the town, seek to befriend Kat, and she meets Ral, a transgender male who used to be Siobhan’s friend. Marianna, the mother of Ral, is convinced the Klaxons started the fire that destroyed Kat’s parents’ factory and killed their employees.

During a class offered by Sister Helley, Kat receives a skull-shaped mark on her hand, which Helley instructs her to conceal. The mark notifies Wendell and Wild, identifying Kat as their “hell maiden,” and they appear to her in a dream, promising to resurrect her parents if she summons them to the living world.

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Kat steals from Helley the plush bear required to summon Wendell and Wild. Helley, a former hell maiden, works alongside the school’s custodian, Manberg, who hunts and traps demons. Father Best is discovered to be in collusion with the Klaxons, and as the last witness to their factory fire, he is murdered by the Klaxons.

Kat enlists Ral as her witness in order to call the demon brothers, who have learned that their father’s hair lotion can reanimate dead organisms. However, the brothers arrive in a different section of the cemetery, leading Kat to feel she has been duped.

Wendell and Wild test the cream on Best, who is revived and convinces the Klaxons to pay them to resurrect the other deceased members of the town council. This will give the Klaxons the votes necessary to demolish the town and enlarge their prisons, but only if the brothers agree not to resuscitate anyone else.

Best returns to school, and Kat faces the brothers, who demand her eternal service in exchange for the resurrection of her parents. Ral steals the cream and revives Delroy and Wilma after being compelled to exhume the council members, whom Wendell and Wild revive. Reunited with her parents, Kat aids Ral in his flight from the brothers.

Siobhan realizes that her parents lied about the conditions of their captivity when the zombie council supports the Klaxons’ intentions. Helley and Manberg force Kat to conduct a ritual disconnecting her connection with Wendell and Wild, leading to her acceptance of the fact that she was not responsible for her parents’ deaths.

Siobhan admits that her parents’ payment is worthless corporate money after Best, Wendell, and Wild kidnap Delroy and Wilma and transport them to the graveyard.

After discovering Wendell and Wild’s lie, Buffalo Belzer appears, but a painting painted by Ral convinces him to reconcile with his sons. Manberg releases his collection of jarred devils upon discovering that they are Belzer’s offspring, and Belzer apologizes to Wendell and Wild, accepting their plans for a new fair. Best passes away once more, and Belzer explains that the effects of the cream are transient.

The trio stops the bulldozers from demolishing the settlement, and Ral uses the last of the cream to resurrect three factory workers so they may testify against the Klaxons and lead to their arrest.

Prior to Delroy and Wilma’s deaths, Kat uses her precognition to show them a future in which Rust Bank is revitalized and Wendell and Wild offer them VIP passes to their afterlife fair. Kat comes to terms with her life. In an after-credits scene, one of the production staff discovers Kat’s model and is delighted by it.